Natalie Wonder – Comforted And Milked By Mommy

Awww my poor boy did you hurt yourself again? That’s a nasty cut on your knee. Mommy can make it all better. Give me a hug & kiss sweetie. It’s going to be okay. Let mommy rub your back. Feeling better? Are you going to be mommy’s big boy? You want to do what…? Honey, I think you’re getting a little too old to suck on mommy’s boobs. But since you got hurt & need some comforting then…I’ll let you suck on them. You have mommy wrapped around your little fingers. Once you place your eager mouth on my nipple, you’ll forget all about that pain on your knee. Good thing mommy’s wearing a nursing bra. I can just unstrap & pop my boob out for you to suck. Mmmmm there you go baby. Suck on mommy’s nipple. Is that milk yummy? Oh that feels good. I missed having your mouth on my breasts. It’s such a close, intimate bonding moment for both of us. Mmmmm keep sucking baby. You make mommy tingle down there when you suck. Keep sucking. Don’t mind me…I’m just going to slip my hand under my panties to play with my pussy while you breastfeed from mommy’s tits. Oh this feels amazing….my boy’s warm mouth on my nipples while I rub my wet horny pussy is the best feeling ever. Right there baby, suck just like that. Oh don’t stop sucking. How much milk can you get out? Suck harder…harder…hold on to mommy…ohhhh I’m going to cum…now bite down on my nipple. I’m cumming…Mmmmm mommy’s cumming. Baby you make mommy feel so good. I see you’ve grown an erection. It’s okay sweetie, now it’s mommy’s turn to get your milk out. Just keep sucking…

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