Natalie Wonder – Conservative mom caught touching herself to a dirty movie

Son cannot believe what he is witnessing. His mom sitting on the couch, completely oblivious to his presence behind her. And why is she oblivious? Because she is too pre-occupied watching the dirty movie on her computer, & masturbating!

His loving, quiet, conservative mother. He can’t believe it. And it’s not even a normal dirty movie. It’s an older woman fucking a y0unger girl with a strap on! Should he make a noise so she stops? Or should he just watch? He can’t help but get turned on. His cock beginning to throb. Suddenly he realizes she has had an orgasm. She lets out quiet moans. Mother catches her breath as she closes the computer screen. She turns around to find her son standing there, watching her. Her heart sinks. She is completely & utterly embarrassed. How will she explain this to him. Will their relationship ever be the same?


Download file – 158.5 MB
Download file – 158.5 MB