Natalie Wonder – Devastated Mom Finds Her Destiny

Mom and dad’s relationship has been on the rocks. But mom is determined to save the marriage. Tonight mom made dad’s favorite meal. She even put on a sexy little black dress. Mom also made reservations for her and dad on Friday to go out on a date, to reconnect. As son watches mom in the kitchen, he starts thinking. Mom is the best cook, she’s smart, loving, beautiful and so easy to talk to. Dad’s an idiot for not seeing it! Son sees it and admires mom so much. But sometimes son’s feelings cross that fine line. If mom and dad’s relationship ever ended…son would waste no time making a move on his mom. Deep down, he has a feeling mom wants it too. While son’s mind drifts towards all the future possibilities…he hears mom talking to dad on the phone. Uh oh…mom’s happy demeanor changes and she becomes very upset. Dad’s not coming home. After everything mom has done to make this marriage work, dad’s blowing her off! Mom keeps her composure and hangs up the phone. She’s devastated. Son asks if she’s okay. Mom says yes and brushes it off. But mom’s had enough and begins to sob. She tries fighting back tears. She can’t. Son hates seeing his mother cry like this. Mom sits down next to her boy to confide in him. She thinks dad is cheating. Their marriage isn’t going to work. It’s over. Mom is done trying to save it. She needs to move on. From now on, all her focus will be on her loving boy. Mom leans in for a warm hug. She’s so emotional right now. They’re going to get thru this, together. Son wants to see mom smile again. He tells mom how pretty she looks in her dress tonight. Mom hadn’t heard a compliment in a long time. She smiles at her boy and stares into his eyes. He’s grown into such a handsome boy. Mom tousles his hair. She kisses him on the cheek. Son tells mom he loves her. But sometimes…in ways a son shouldn’t love his mom. Mom realizes his intentions. This is what she needs. Her boy! Her husband can go fuck himself! She needs her boy. She loves him. She WANTS him. Mom and son kiss each other…on the lips this time. It’s a long, passionate kiss. There’s no looking back now. All this time…he was right under her very nose! Her own boy! Good riddance to her husband! Tonight is a fresh start. Mom leads her boy to the bedroom. Their desire for each other unravels with each passing minute. Love, lust, passion and raw hard dirty fucking all rolled into one. They touch each other in new places. Mom invites son to place his hand between her legs. Feel mom inside. Mom touches her boy’s hard, throbbing cock. It’s new and exciting yet they feel naturally at home with each other’s naked bodies. Mom wants it all tonight. Even her son’s hot cum pumped deep inside her pussy. This is how it’s meant to be…it’s their destiny.

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