Natalie Wonder – Helping My Son Get Over His Silly Insecurities

Something’s been off with you. Mommy can sense it. What’s wrong? Talk to me. You’re disappointed? With what sweetie? Disappointed that you won’t get any bigger? Well, I’m sure you will grow a little taller. OHHHHH! You want to grow more DOWN THERE. Oh I see. You wish you had a bigger penis. How about you show it to mommy. Let me be the judge. Go ahead, don’t be embarrassed, I’m your mother I’ve seen it all. Show mommy your penis.

Well that’s not so bad. But you’re not fully hard. Let’s get you hard sweetie. I’ll jerk it for you. Oh stop with the shyness, it’s for a good cause. Let mommy do it, good boy. It’s growing. It’s not so small. I would say you’re pretty average. Not too small but not too big. It’s just perfect. You are at an advantage, and I will explain why in a minute. Don’t let it get you down sweetie. As a woman myself, I’m going to give you the low down on what we really enjoy in a man. It seems to me you are also a bit intimidated by girls. Mommy will help you get over these silly insecurities. By the end of our heart to heart you will have a whole new, confident outlook. About you & your penis. And this is just the beginning.


Download file – 144.3 MB
Download file – 144.3 MB