Natalie Wonder – Just Another Night In Our Perfectly Taboo Love Life

I love it when your father falls into deep rest. I come take sweet advantage of my boy & you let me because you LOVE when mommy does it. So…what are we gonna do tonight? Ooooo you ARE excited to see me. This is why I love you. You’re my son but so much more. You’re my everything. Do you have any idea how happy you make me? When I see you, when we get close…when I can touch you, smell you. You smell so good all the time. I would eat you if I could. Sweetie top worrying, your father is out. Remember, he’s caught us before. He won’t leave, trust me. I take care of the home & lots of other things for him. He brings home the bacon and does it well. It’s a win/win for our whole family. I love it when we have the night to ourselves. Oh my, your balls are so full. You’ve been saving it all for me. Fuck I love getting filled with your cum so much. I can’t wait. My pussy can’t wait. My mouth needs a tasty treat first. Do you think other moms make out with their son’s cock? Naughty boy, mothers aren’t supposed to put their mouths on their boy’s cocks…let alone ENJOY it. Mmm I could pleasure your body all day. Time to strip away my clothes. We’re skin to skin…my nipples rubbing up against your warm chest. Our nipples touching…my nipples tickling your cock. Teehee. Who else can I be this way with? Our deep connection and comfort level is unreal. I’m the luckiest mom in the world. Look sweetie, I’m showing off my naked body just for you. Open your mouth. Taste me. And we’re only getting started. Mmmm just another night in our perfectly taboo love life…

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