Natalie Wonder – Kissing and Sex For The First Time With Your Loving Mommy

Mom & son are both sitting on the couch. Mom looks over to see her son texting something to his friend. Oh my gosh, she can’t believe what she just saw. But then again, her boys getting older now. Of course they talk about this stuff. She needs to confront him though, right now. Sweetie, mommy didn’t mean to snoop but I couldn’t help to notice the text message you just sent your friend. About ‘not losing your virginity yet’. Let me guess, since you & your friends are almost graduating, you made some sort of pact like they do in the movies about losing your virginity before you all graduate. Am I right? Tell your mother the truth, it’s okay I won’t be upset. These things are normal for growing boys of your age. Yes. So it’s true. And all your friends lost their virginity except you? Aw, honey. I should be more upset with you but I actually do understand. I can relate. I was the same way with my friends at your age. I couldn’t wait to have sex. But that’s another story for another day. Have you ever even kissed someone sweetie? No?! Oh wow. Sweetie, I want you to get the experience of feeling another woman’s mouth on yours. Kiss me. Yes, I’m serious. Mommy wants to show you what it’s like. Don’t be shy, it’s okay. I know you’ll be a great kisser honey. Mommy’s confident that you would be great at ANYTHING you do. Even at being a great lover. I want you to fuck me. Fuck mommy. Bring your yearning cock home to mommy’s warm, wet pussy. You’ll love the feeling of being inside me, I promise. Don’t worry, mommy will talk you through it all.

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