Natalie Wonder – Let Mom’s Body Take Care Of The Rest

Sweetie, have you seen my phone. And what are you doing? Why did you get all weird when I walked in? Hmm something seams suspicious here. Give me the pillow. Oh my gosh! You were jerking off! And my PHONE! You little sneak! Looking at naked pictures of your mommy! I have no words right now. I need to take a deep breath & gather my thoughts. Alright, listen sweetie. I’m sorry for that reaction. Don’t be embarrassed. It just caught me off guard. I understand you’re at that age & enjoy watching some sexy “visual stimulation”. I’m actually quite flattered you want to jerk off to your mother’s naked body parts. Being that you obviously didn’t get to finish, why don’t you let mommy’s body take care of the rest. Judging from the pics you were staring at, I know exactly which parts to let you have a peek at. After all, mommy always knows what’s best for her maturing boy.

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