Natalie Wonder – Mom Is Always Such A Pleasing And Welcoming Woman

Your friend is over and mom has decided to come sit with you guys. The three of you are talking about the annual end of year “Best…” results. Your friend won Best Looking and Best Physique. mom congratulates him and gushes a little. He probably would of won “Best Cock” too if there was a category. You’re insanely jealous but will never admit it. He always gets any girl he wants. But who knew his newest acquisition today would be your MOM?! What about you? Did you win anything sweetie? Aw okay. Maybe next year. You guys have been friends for so long. Make sure you keep him around for even LONGER. I need some eye candy. It sucks being single. I’m not flirting. And even if I WAS, i’m allowed to. Did you hear what your friend just said to me? That’s definitely crossing some boundaries…but I like it teehee. So sweetie, say I wanted to hang out with your friend…um alone…would you be okay with that? Or would you be jealous? You know what I mean. Me and him wouldn’t be reading books. Your friend is constantly flirting with me and smacking my ass jokingly. So, if I wanted to fuck him, he’d totally fuck me back. I REALLY want your friend. Oh baby, I hate to see you upset. Don’t be jealous of him. mommy still loves you. What…is your friend taking out his…BIG COCK. That is fucking huge. Did you know he had that in his pants? Now I REALLY can’t resist. Sweetie, even though you’re super jealous I bet watching him fuck me would make you super horny. Your friend doesn’t seem to mind you sitting a foot away while he pushes his huge cock into my pussy. Sometimes a mom has to do what a mom has to do…

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