Natalie Wonder – Mommy Dutifully Drains All That Built Up Semen From Your Engorged Balls Per Doctors Orders

Good morning baby. I know it’s really early but remember what the doctor said. You have a condition that makes your balls produce an excess amount of semen. Your balls swell and engorge so much that semen will start leaking out of your cock hole. Worst case scenario is that the pressure will build and your balls might burst. You don’t want that, right? No, definitely not. You need your balls drained a minimum of three times a day. There’s no other way. The doctor showed me exactly how to do it. I have to stroke you at a certain pace. Not too slow & not too fast. I’m afraid if I let you do it, you might stroke yourself too fast and cause more damage. It’s better if mommy does it. There’s nothing to feel bad about. Mommy’s here to help. Doctor’s orders. If you get turned on that’s okay. Perfectly normal. After all, mommy’s hands will be on your penis. I need to pull down your covers & take a look at your balls to see how swollen they’ve gotten overnight. Well, it looks like you also have a nice case of morning wood. Oh sweetie, your balls are huge! Absolutely full with semen! Oh my, every time I gently squeeze your balls some cum leaks out of your cock hole. I need to drain you ASAP. Remember the doctor advised us it’s okay for you to look at porn while mommy strokes you. No? You’d rather look at my tits? Okay baby. I suppose it’s alright since this is being done under medical advice. Sure, you can play with them too. Ready? I’m going to lube up your penis…then stoke it until all this cum is drained out. It’s going to be a lot & get quite messy. Oh darn, I just washed these sheets. I don’t want them getting splashed with cum. I have an idea. Cum right in mommy’s mouth. No mess. I’ll swallow it all down. A mother’s gotta do what a mother’s gotta do.

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