Natalie Wonder – Mommy Encourages You On How To Fuck

What’s going on? You seem down sweetie. Come on now, mommy knows when your not feeling yourself. You can talk to me about what’s bothering you, maybe I can help. You what? Lost your virginity? Oh wow sweetie! Congratulations, but then why are you feeling down? Oh your girlfriend says the sex is boring? You’re only doing missionary position? I know you are new at this sweetie but there are so many other ways to fuck a woman. Like bending her over & fucking her from behind. Oops, don’t mind my blunt language sweetie. I hope we can be open about this. Mommy just wants to help you.

Oh honey, you are such a handsome man. Mommy wouldn’t mind being your make pretend girlfriend so you can practice your sex skills. We can try doggy style. I’ll guide you through it. I want you to thrust yourself inside of me. Trust me, it’s very warm inside sweetie. You’re going to love it. You know mommy always has confidence in you.


Download file – 167.6 MB
Download file – 167.6 MB

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