Natalie Wonder – Mommy Fucks His Abnormally Big Dick

Mommy’s date got cancelled. That asshole, he always has an excuse. I told him to never call me again. I’m so angry right now! I was really looking forward to finally getting laid. It’s been over a month since mommy’s gotten laid. When I don’t get laid I get extremely frustrated, and angry. I know you don’t understand what that means, you’re still too little and dumb. Don’t be surprised if mommy starts being mean to you right now. I need to take my frustration out on somebody. Plus since you are abnormally big down there, mommy can use your body to feel better. I can take my unfulfillment out on you.

Let mommy kiss you, & lick your face. Mmmm yummy. Well of course your face is getting all wet, mommy is licking it. I want to slobber your face with my spit. And I love tasting you. Don’t worry, I’ll let you taste me in a few minutes. Then I am going to fuck you real good. And you better not be a little brat and complain, because then mommy will have to do things you don’t want me to do, you little $hit.


Download file – 166.0 MB
Download file – 166.0 MB

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