Natalie Wonder – Mommy Kisses Your BooBoo And Then Makes It All Better

This one is an ageplay virtual bj vid. It’s another scene that takes place in the laundry room. It starts with you busy doing laundry when son comes in saying he hurt his knee and is looking for mommy to comfort him. You tell son it’s ok and to let mommy look at it. You pick him up and sit him down on the table and take a look. Seeing he has a small cut, you tell him mommy will kiss it and make it all better. You lean down and give a few kisses on his leg and he starts to cheer up a bit. You keep asking if it feels better as you give him more kisses and then begin to move up his leg and putting your hands up his shorts. He asks what you’re doing and you tell him not to worry and mommy just wants to make him feel better. You tell him “This is going to make it feel all better.” as you undo his shorts and take them off for him. Son is too young to know about this stuff, you tell him you’re going to suck on his peepee until white stuff comes out and that it’s called cummies. You say “Mommy wants to make your peepee make cummies in her mouth.” Then during the blowjob i’d like it if you focused more on sucking/licking noises and moaning rather than dirty talk.

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