Natalie Wonder – Mommy Takes Your Virginity And Drains You Dry

Tomorrow you go to prom and you’re still a virgin sweetie. I know that boys can be mean sometimes. I don’t want anyone making fun of you about still being a virgin. So tonight…mommy’s going to make you into a man. I’ll let you fuck my pussy. Don’t be nervous sweetie. I know you’ll do great. You’ll get to experience what it’s like to be inside a warm, wet pussy hole. And mommy’s pussy will feel perfect. I put this blanket down on the floor since that bed is too creaky. We can’t make too much noise since daddy’s asleep. You can never tell your father about this…he would never understand. I’m just helping my boy out…as a good mother should. Mommy will disrobe for you…show you my body…touch myself to make you horny then mommy will stroke you. Mmmmm oh sweetie…your getting excited…so eager. You can’t wait to slide it inside mommy, right? Patience…let me make my pussy real wet for you first…spread my legs for you…lubricate my hole so that your virgin dick can slide into me. Mmmm see my pussy hole? This is where you’re going to stick your cock…deep inside. Tomorrow, you won’t be a virgin because you got to fuck mommy. You know what else mommy wants? All that hot sperm inside those balls of yours. Shoot your cum and coat the inside of mommy’s pussy. Ohhh sweetie…you’re so good at this…you’re mommy’s man now…feel what it’s like to cum inside mommy and drain your balls deep in my pussy…

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