Natalie Wonder – Mommy Taught Her Two Boys To Share

The scene starts out with one of mommy’s sons secretively watching through the door crack. Mommy is getting pounded from behind. He had left the house a few minutes earlier but returned to grab his wallet. When he heard moans coming from the bedroom he came to investigate. He is shocked when he realizes it’s his own brother fucking their mom!! He feels anger, jealousy. But also gets very horny. He wants mommy too. He keeps staring through the door crack and decides he will confront them when they are finished. Mom and her lover son are talking after their little sexcapade. Mommy’s other son walks into the room. Mommy is surprised to see him. He was supposed to be out with his friends. Mom senses something is wrong with his mood. He comes clean to mom about how he just caught her and his own brother having sex together. He says it’s not fair, he wants to fuck mommy too! Mom is totally shocked at first but then agrees it’s only fair if both brothers get to fuck mommy. She taught them both to share from an early age. They need to learn to share mommy’s pussy too. Mommy begins to act flirty, giddy, horny. She smirks. The thought of getting fucked by one of her boys while the other is watching is making her pussy so wet again. Who will be the better fuck? Mommy teases and antagonizes, saying things like “Let’s see if you fuck better than your brother” or “Can you pound my pussy deeper than your brother?”. She says it’s so wrong to fuck her sons but it makes her so horny. Mommy encourages the other son to sit on the bed next to mommy and stroke himself while he watches mommy get fucked by his brother.

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