Natalie Wonder – Mommy Wasn’t Expecting This

Mmmmm you’re doing great. Kiss me some more. Mmmm I really liked that. See baby? Nothing to be nervous about. Did you like it? Mmm me too. I’m so proud of you! You’re a great kisser! So…anything else you’re curious about trying that mommy can show you? I know it’s kind of a scary time in your life. Wanting to meet girls, getting their numbers, going on dates, kissing and all that. I’m going to help you through it. Are you sure there’s nothing else I can show you? Fingering?!! Uh oh, I didn’t expect this! I didn’t think you’d want mommy to show you that! But I suppose it’s something you need to learn how to do properly. You can watch videos about it all day but you need hands-on learning. Okay, I’ll let you practice on me. But before I show you…I don’t shave all the time. Mommy has a little…well…a LOT of hair down there. Mommy’s pussy is super hairy. It’s normal and natural for hair to grow down there. You still want to touch me down there? Okay. There…you like it? Go ahead baby. Just relax. Don’t be nervous. Touch me. Do what you think would feel good for me. I’ll tell you what feels good too. Mmmm you like playing with the hair? Now slide your hands between my legs. Touch my lips, play with the hair…mmmm do it in circles, like this. I want us to kiss while you’re fingering my pussy. Mmm oh honey this feels so good. Just like that. Faster. Don’t stop. Omg you’re going to make me cum. Don’t stop kissing me…please I want to cum while our lips are together.

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