Natalie Wonder – Mommys Dirty Panties

You’re being mommy’s sneaky boy again, aren’t you sweetie. Mommy noticed something missing from her bedroom. Let me show you & maybe it will remind you. You see these? My dirty panties? I found them underneath your pillow while I was cleaning. You’re a naughty boy trying to sniff my dirty panties, aren’t you. Did you get to smelly mommy’s pussy while you were in bed? You jerked your dick under the sheets while you smelled my pussy scent on them, didn’t you? It’s okay sweetie don’t get upset, mommy’s not angry. You should of just come to me & asked. Maybe I could of given you a much dirtier pair of panties. Like the ones I have on right now for example. These are so nasty, wet & crusty. Mommy’s been wearing these panties for a few days. My pussy scent is quite strong on these. Here, I want you to smell them. Look at how dirty they are with dried pussy juice. Mmmm that’s my good boy. Now you’re making mommy horny. Sniff them. Mommy sees your dick growing. Jerk to mommy’s sweet strong pussy scent. Cum with mommy & her dirty panties.

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