Natalie Wonder – Mommy’s Eager Young Boy Wants To Do Something Daddy Doesn’t Do Anymore

Awww sweetie, you must of misunderstood. Mommy was just asking daddy when he was going to take me out to eat. That’s what…um… mommy meant when I said “eating me out.” Lying? Noooooo, mommy’s not lying to you. I swear, that’s what it means! I was frustrated because your father hardly ever takes me out to eat. What..? What’s that?? You’re going to look up “eat me out” on the computer? NO NO. Don’t do that baby. Listen…there’s um…certain things that a boy your age wouldn’t understand yet. And this is one of them. So lets forget this happened and go back to your room. Oh honey…please…don’t start crying, don’t throw a tantrum. Mommy can’t explain you’re too young! Ohhhh you’re not going to stop crying, are you. Okay fine. Mommy will explain what “eating me out” really means. You’re such a little brat…but you’re my little brat and mommy loves you. Eating out means when a man puts his mouth on a woman’s vagina. He licks it, sucks it, puts his tongue inside. There’s different ways to say it like oral pleasure and oral sex. Men like eating pussy, which is another word for vagina. Mommy loves being eaten out…which is why I was yelling at your father. He’s never home and mommy’s frustrated. You happy I told you? Good. You want to WHAT??! Baby NO. You’re not supposed to put your mouth on mommy down there. It’s very sweet of you to want to make mommy feel better again. No sweetie, I’m sorry you can’t. Yes I can see you have a very nice tongue. Uh oh, no…not another tantrum. OK OK fine! You can eat mommy out. I’ll use this as a chance to teach you, even though you’re still quite young. It’s best you practice your oral skills on someone you love and trust…like your mommy.

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