Natalie Wonder – Mommy’s happily ever after with you

Look at you so focused on the computer screen. What’s that your looking at sweetie? You looking at places to live? You’ve saved a pretty penny living here free with me up until now. If it was up to me you would stay here with your mommy forever. We’d live happily ever after. But I know that’s only in fairy tales. You have to go out & find your own life, as sad as it will make me. What? What’s that? You want to live with me forever? How incredibly sweet. Mommy would love nothing more than to live with her son forever & ever. Sweetie, you’re serious? Something tells me you may have more then just normal ‘mommy’ feelings toward me. It goes deeper, doesn’t it. You long for mommy to hold you & make you feel good in more then just a loving way. I understand. I feel the same way.

Let mommy kiss you, sweetie. Let’s see what happens when I put my lips against yours. It’s completely unconventional but you’re my boy & our relationship is nobody else’s business. Now that I’ve finally exposed our desires I can feel the passionate energy with you. Stay here with me. Don’t leave your mommy. You’ll never need any other woman but me. I’m still young enough where I can even give you a baby. Our baby. I see it’s making you excited. Come to mommy. Let me hold you, kiss you all over. I want to feel my boy deep inside as you place your seed in me.


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Download file – 621.0 MB

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