Natalie Wonder – Moms Possession – Give In To The Pleasure

Script —-> Please play a mom who has become possessed. She looks to convert her son to be ‘one’ with him. Scene starts out with mom acting normal, then somehow she becomes possessed (details are up to you). Her demeanor transforms. An aggressive seduction towards her son unfolds. Forceful yet sensual sex. Dialogue included would be “give in to the pleasure”, “give in to mommy”, “feel our energies become one”, “feel me taking over”, “feel me taking you inside me”….anything along those lines. The more mom fucks her son the more resistance gets lost. In the end, mom will deny allowing son to cum until he gives himself over. Things like “this is forever” or “surrender to these sexual urges”. The idea of being taken over by a sexy, confident woman is extremely arousing. Some licking and tongue kissing too. Lots of long, deep eye contact and aggressive yet sensual desire. Looking forward to your interpretation.

File Size : 222.46 MB, Resolution : 1280×720, Duration : 00:18:24