Natalie Wonder – My Son The Little Exhibitionist

Mommy’s in the kitchen cleaning up. She doesn’t notice yet but her son is behind her with his hand down his pants, slowly exposing himself to her. It’s a habit he’s gotten into lately. Ever since him and his mommy started “playing” together, he wants to share his body part with mommy all the time. Especially now since his hormones are starting to go crazy. The anticipation of mommy turning around and catching him is making him more horny. Any second now she’s going to catch him. And WHAT are you doing! I just caught you exposing yourself to me again. Sweetie, you can’t go around doing that all the time. And right now your father is napping in the next room. He had a busy day at work. We need to be hushed about these things when he’s home. We need to talk low. So it seems my boy is turning into quite the little exhibitionist, aren’t you? You want mommy to watch you touch yourself? Show me, and then I want to touch.


Download file – 109.4 MB
Download file – 109.4 MB