Natalie Wonder – Naughty Slumber Party

When mom made a joke about her & her son having a slumber party, she didn’t think he would really agree to it. After all, he’s not her little anymore. He’s growing up. Mom realizes tonight is a great opportunity to bring up certain things with her son about girls. He might get embarrassed though so she’ll wait until they get comfortable in his bed & he lets his guard down. She has to get this off her chest. The thoughts she has about him keep racing through her mind. He might feel the same way though. Mommy & son together in bed may lead to naughty desires becoming a reality. This is going to be fun tonight, sweetie. Are you sure you’re okay with mommy sleeping with you in your bed? Okay, good. I have a feeling you & I are going to have fun tonight, and the conversations we’ll have too. I want you to know that whatever it is you do before bed, it’s okay. I’m talking about you’re nightly release. I know it helps you go to sleep. Mommy does it too. Sometimes I do it right outside your bedroom door, while I listen to your moans. Let mommy guide her boy to sleep tonight. I want you to have sweet dreams with mommy.

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