Natalie Wonder – The Greatest Gift Mom And Son Go For Round Two

We haven’t been home alone like this in months since -mommy had your baby. Thanks goodness we found a babysitter. We only have two hours with the house all to ourselves. Mmmmm I’ve missed being naked and so close with you. Imagine the babysitter knew the baby was ours? It’s practically unheard of and so taboo of course…a -son getting his mom pregnant. We couldn’t help falling in love and sharing that deep love with each other. Remember those naughty nights baby? It’s been so long since we’ve had alone time. You look especially handsome today. Come kiss me baby. I’ve missed this so much. I almost came from that kiss! I’m beyond horny. I’ve been counting down the days of when we could fuck again. Mmmmmm and make love. I love you so much baby. My pussy is yearning to feel your cock again. But today, I want to feel your cock in both my pussy and in my ass. We don’t get much help with the baby and once the babysitter comes back we don’t know when we’ll be able to fuck again. Let’s take advantage of this special, intimate time together. Mmmm fuck both mommy’s holes. We can get as loud as we want. I’d love to fuck in different positions too. Slide your hard cock in my pussy first. Then I’ll turn around for you so you can fuck my ass. Give it to me good from behind. I want to feel your warm hips thrusting against my ass. But try not cumming in my ass…I want to feel your hot load cum in my pussy while I’m on top. Mmmmm sweetie your warm balls are so full of cum. There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you. I’d love it if we had another baby. Inseminate me with your potent seed. I love you and I love getting filled with your hot cum. Give mommy your strong sperm. Make a baby inside me again. Let’s go for round.

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