Natalie Wonder – The Greatest Gift

Ohhhhh baby…your fingers feel amazing. You got mommy soaking wet. I love that you take your time getting my body ready. Guess what mommy needs now? That nice big hard cock of yours. My pussy is swollen…my clit is so huge & right on the edge of cumming. But not yet. I want to cum while you’re fucking me. Mmmmm there’s that cock mommy loves so much…thrusting in & out of me…penetrating me deeper each time. I’m so close to cumming. Harder, harder…please fuck me harder I’m going to cum ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkk. That was so good. Start pumping me again. You want to cum so badly, don’t you baby. But wait, stop. Actually…don’t pull out this time. Cum inside me. Yes, I know, mommy can get pregnant. I’ve been thinking about this sweetie…I want it. I want to have a baby with my boy. Deep down, I know you want it too. I can feel your desire to have a baby with mommy. Our love is like no other. Mmmm there you go…fuck your mom good until you drain every single drop of hot sperm inside my fertile pussy.

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