Natalie Wonder – You and Your Friend Share Some Naughty Love With Mommy On Valentines Day

You boys can come in, I was just browsing the computer. Oh sweetie, I see you’re hanging out with my favorite friend of yours. He’s the good looking friend. Almost as good looking as you. Even though your friend is a lot younger mommy still knows hotness when she sees it. Mmmm yes I guess I am coming on to your friend. Although I don’t think he minds. Okay sweetie, mommy will stop embarrassing you. So anyways, you boys have dates for Valentine’s Day? What?! No?! I’m shocked. You don’t like the girls your age you say? So you boys like older, more experienced women I presume. Mmmmmm good to know. So am I what you would call a “hot MILF”? Yes? Mmmmm, it’s getting hot in here now. I need to unbutton my top. Don’t be shy, you can watch. So since we’re all single for Valentine’s Day I don’t see the harm in getting to know each other better, if you know what I mean. Mmmm you boys can’t hide your boners. You can’t help but get horny from the sight of a hot older woman slowly undressing & touching herself in front of you. Sweetie, it’s okay, I know you have a secret desire to see mommy get fucked by your friend. I want him to bend me over the bed while you watch & stroke your cock for mommy while she gets fucked hard. Mommy needs some young cock this Valentine’s Day.

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