Natalie Wonder – You Say No But Your Dick Is Saying Yes, So Let Mommy Get What She Needs

Hey sleepyhead, you dozing off already? You remember what tomorrow is, right? It’s mommy’s birthday. And you know what mommy wants every year for her birthday. You. I love spending the day with you. This year wasn’t too good though since your father left. It’s been hard. So this year, mommy needs something extra from you. What’s that? What’s wrong sweetie? Oh stop it, mommy just wants to touch you. There’s nothing wrong with a mother showing affection towards her boy. I want you for my birthday. I want everything your body has to offer. You understand? Are you trying to fight me? Stop it. Mommy’s sacrificed SO MUCH for you. The least you can do is let mommy use your body. You keep saying no but it seems your hard dick is saying yes. Mmmmm don’t fight it sweetie. Mommy always gets her way, especially when you make mommy angry. I can easily over power you & you know it. Just go with it. Let your dick be taken in by mommy’s warm mouth, by my pussy. Mmmm mommy needs this. I need your seed as well sweetie. Mommy wants your strong seed to shoot deep inside her pussy. Put a babyyy inside me. Please. For mommy & for us. It will be the greatest present you can ever give me. Mommy’s not getting off until she gets it.

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