Natalie Wonder – Young Dumb and Full Of Cum

Mommy comes in to check on her boy & his friend. They’re hanging out together tonight. She sits on the edge of the bed & the three of them talk. All of a sudden son notices a familiar smell. Uh oh, mommy’s been drinking! “Sweetie, so what if I had a few drinks. I just wanted to let loose a little. It’s fun sometimes.” Mom asks if the boys have any plans tonight. They want to go out & meet girls. “More girls! That’s all you boys do! Sweetie, you’re going to leave me all alone tonight? No. Why don’t you stay home & keep your mommy company. You both can stay with me tonight. I know these yung girls you meet are all yung, dumb & full of cum. But they’re not the only ones who are full of cum. So am I.” Mommy realizes she may of gone too far. This liquor is making her so uninhibited! And so horny for her boy’s young cock. She wants it, again. They’ve fucked around before, but in secret. The friend has no idea. But maybe he needs to know. The three of them can get really kinky together. Yung horny boys will do anything these days. Mommy is very aware she is an attractive, hot MILF. She has the urge to be an irresponsible mommy tonight. It’s so boring to abide by the rules all the time. The only rules being followed tonight will be mommy’s unrestrained dirty desires.

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