Natalie Wonder – Your Morning Wood Responds Well To Mommys Touch

Wake up sweetie. You don’t want to sleep the whole day away do you ? Come on now get up. I know you went to bed late last night but let’s get the day started. I just got up a little while ago too, haven’ even brushed my teeth yet. Uh oh, sorry if you smell mommy’s morning coffee breath. t can get you some coffee if you want. Come on sleepy head, does mommy need to bribe you to get you out of bed? Uh oh, I know what I can do to get your pumping. Looks like you’ve got some nice, hard morning wood under the covers here. I bet you’ve got a lot of cum stored up in your balls. Let mommy jerk it out of you. Your hard ons always respond so well to your mother’s special touch. Cum for mommy & then we will start the day together.

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