Natasha’s Bedroom – Mommy has the perfect cure for your nightmares

What’s wrong, sweetie? Oh my poor baby, I can’t believe you had another bad dream! Just climb into bed with mom, cuddle up against my body, and I’ll make it all better. Go ahead, take my breasts and wrap your lips around my nipples as you go back to sleep. That’s what my breasts were made for, taking care of my darling son…that’s a good boy.

Oh my, what’s that I feel through your PJs? You have quite an erection, honey! Don’t be shy – it’s perfectly normal for a boy your age to get hard when you’re lying next to a woman. Just let mom reach into your pajamas and give you a little massage…

It feels good, doesn’t it, son? I think I understand what’s causing your bad dreams now, and I know just how to make those terrible nightmares go away. You just need a little release. Lie back and let mommy climb on top of you. Shhh…it’s ok, there’s no need to hesitate. Mom’s just doing what’s best for you. That’s right, close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of mommy’s pussy enveloping your throbbing cock…


Download file – 422.8 MB
Download file – 422.8 MB

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