Natasha’s Bedroom – The Unbirthing – Mom’s birthday surprise

Happy 18th birthday, sweetie. I must be the luckiest mom in the world to have such a wonderful son. I remember the day you were born – the best day of my life! – like it was yesterday. And you were such a happy baby… Anyway, let’s open your present! It’s a very special present, something I’ve been saving to give you on the day you become a man.

It’s a diaper, just like you used to wear when you were a baby. I got them for you because you ARE my baby, and you always will be. You may have grown into a man, honey, but you’re still a helpless infant deep down. You’re a little baby who needs only his mommy’s love and care. And, today, I’m going to turn you back into a baby, transforming your physical self to match who you are inside.

There you are. My perfect, helpless little one. You look just like I remember. Except…oh no! Mommy almost forgot to put your diaper on…

But honey, I think there’s a place where mommy could take even better care of you . My womb is where you came from, and it’s where you belong. I need you back inside of me, filling up my belly, making me complete. You emerged from my womb exactly 18 years ago; now it’s finally time for you to home…

Age Regression – Diapers – Magic Control – Mother/Son Role Play – Pregnant – Unbirthing – Vaginal Vore


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Download file – 366.3 MB

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