Naughty Paediatrician Special Checkup

Hi there sweetie, my name is Dr. Meana. I’m a paediatrician. Do you know what that is? Well that means that I am a special doctor that only treats young people such as yourself. Did your mommy talk to you about why you’re here today? hmm…well…I’m sure she’s over reacting. She has some concerns about the size of…well…do you know what a penis is sweetie? Oh yes good of course you do. She’s concerned that your penis is too big. Now I’m sure everything is completely normal down there but we should have a look just in case. Why don’t you undress and hop up on the examination table for me? Good boy…oh my…your mom wasn’t exaggerating…you have a very large penis for such a little young boy.

In fact many adult men don’t have a cock that big…oh…oh no don’t worry honey…there’s nothing wrong with that…in fact it’s very lovely. But I should run some special tests just to make sure everything is okay. I’d like to collect a specimen actually…of your semen. You know the stuff that comes out of your cock when you touch it too much? Yes of course you do…I’d like to collect that stuff and run some tests on it. So would you be a good little boy and just touch yourself for me? And then catch everything that comes out of your cock in this collection vial. Good boy…
Are you having trouble with that? hehe I’m not supposed to do this…but I can see you’re struggling in this unfamiliar environment. Here…watch me do it. See? hehe mmmm wow your cock looks so beautiful… it’s so fucking big… let me do it for you. There isn’t that nice? You like the feel of Dr. Meanas fingers sliding all over your shaft? What a good little boy you are…mmm look at all that precum…would be a shame to waste the specimen…mmm oooh you like that? Sweetie do you know what confidential means? It means that I can’t talk to anyone about our special check up..and it means you can’t either. Understand?


Download file – 708.8 MB
Download file – 708.8 MB