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My son Steven just got his own place so I decided to drop by and see how he is doing. I knocked on the door but surprisingly there was no answer so I let myself in. I call out to Steven but don’t get an answer. I then notice he has a video playing and figure he must just be in the bathroom. As I approach the lap top I realize that the video is that of an older women that looks remarkably like me giving a younger guy a blow job. And even more surprising the title is “Mom finally Submits” it is then that I’m a bit shocked to find out he must be having these types of taboo fantasies. Just then Steven comes back into the room and catches me watching his video. He seems very embarrassed and even tries to turn the video off. However, I won’t let him and ask him what the hell he’s watching. At first he thinks I’m being a hard ass but then as the conversation progresses it becomes obvious I have alternative motives. Infact, I am finding this both highly erotic and exciting. I then admit that I think it’s fun to role play and have fantasies too. So I insist Steven tell me what he likes about it. I then ask him to hold on a sec while I slip into my bikini because I came by to use the pool in his complex. Once I return Steven reluctantly tells me about his fantasy. I then begin to tease him by touching myself. As he is speaking I then start rubbing his cock through his pants and before long his cock is in my mouth. After sucking his cock I take my bikini off entirely and then start to masturbate while I talk dirty to him. After my pussy is nice and wet I spread my legs so Steven can fuck me good. We fuck for a few minutes missionary but then I turn around and beg him to fuck me from behind. With that Steven begins to fuck his me frantically. It is not long before I orgasm from the best and most erotic fuck i’ve had in my life. After fucking more in a few additional positions, I can tell Steven is getting close to coming so I slow him down because I want my pussy licked and then to ultimately taste his young cum. After another orgasm, I get in front of him and take his cock into my mouth to gives him another masterful blow job, even letting him fuck my face and deep throating him. I suck him until he bursts a huge load of cum into right my mouth. After swallowing as much cum as I can, the rest drips over my lips and onto to my tit’s. We then kiss passionately and embrace. Afterwards I tell Steven that he needs to keep this quiet because his Dad and the rest of family wound not understand. I also tell him that this is only the beginning as I intend to make sure I keep him very satisfied now that we have taken our relationship to another level.

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