Nicole Oring – Mommy dearest full story

You hear your mom talking dirty and moaning with pleasure. You sneak a peek around her bedroom door and see that she is blowing her date for the night. You make sure you aren’t seen so that you can continue to watch. Your mom is on her hands and knees, ass sticking out as she sucks her date off.

As she gets more into it, she changes positions so that her hands are planted on the bedroom wall and her date can enter her pussy from behind. As he starts thrusting in her, she looks out her half open door and notices you! Your cock is throbbing hard, and you can’t seem to turn away. Instead of scolding you, mommy gets more turned on, looking at you and rubbing her tits. She starts performing for you, watching you, and letting her date fuck her hard. When she’s ready for his big load, she gets down on her knees and begs for it all over her. She then tells her date she is going to go clean up. You quickly run to your room and get under your covers, ready to jack your rock hard cock off. Instead, your mommy comes into your room and climbs onto your bed. In only her bra and panties, she tells you she saw you watching her fuck her friend. She asks if you enjoyed watching her get fucked. She touches your cock and realizes that you are stiff as a board. Knowing how turned on you are, she strips down and finally straddles you. Mommy slides your cock into her wet and ready pussy and rides your big hard cock up and down. You’re her big, naughty boy and mommy is loving having you inside of her. Naughty boy turns into her good boy as you make her feel so good. Deep inside of her, you make her cum over and over as she begs for you to give your cum to her. You shoot your cum right into mommy’s pussy, and she assures you that you will always be mommy’s naughty little boy. She leaves you with hints that you may have another treat for you in the morning.


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