Nicole Paris – Helping Single Mom Get Ready For Date

My mom’s been really lonely since dad left, and it’s been a while. She’s been talking to some guy recently on facebook, and i’m excited for her. She surprised me today saying she was going on a date and she needed my help picking her outfit. My mom’s always been a free spirit, but when she changed in front of me i was shocked. I feel weird about it but i really liked it. I’ve never seen my mom naked, and i was suprised at how big her tits are. I was even more suprised by how perfect and round her ass is. And her pussy is shaved!!! I’m kind of fucked up about it but she let me feel her up, and don’t tell anyone please, but i fucking loved it! I want to help her pick out clothes all the time now. I might even be a little jealous of her new boyfriend.

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