NicoleBelle – Your Slutty Teacher Drains You

I am your teacher and i have kept you back after class one day to tell you how I’ve become frustrated with you because your grades have started falling. I am wearing on outfit that is professional but that would allow a nip slip. You are a young boy, high school freshman.. I tell you how unhappy I am as you were once my best student.. I ask you what changed what had happened that made your grades fall.. while this is going on at some point I accidentally expose a that happens I notice that you are again not paying attention and just staring at me.. this gets me a bit more upset and I kind of lash out that this what i am talking about that you just drift off sometimes.I notice that you are looking at my chest and ask you what are you looking at and finally realize the slip..Not covering it up I look back at you and smile saying “oh now I get it.. you are just a young horny boy.” I tell you I am kind of relived that that’s all it is and not to worry.. Ms.Belle knows just the thing to fix this. I tell you we can never talk about this but that I know that if I make your day dreams a reality You wont have to be distracted in class by them. I get on my knees and begin giving you a blow job.. with lots of dirty talk.. ” I bet you never expect to have you teacher sucking your dick”. You cum and cover my face, mouth and top. this makes me super aroused and noticing you are still hard..I tell you how hot that was and that I have to fuck you..I begin riding you.. moaning and talking dirty..aggressively, bouncing my tits..until I have an orgasm (ahegao face). I then almost immediately get back on my knees wanting more cum blowing and jerking you off excitedly until you again cum all over my face where I get distracted a bit playing with it. I end by telling you that I hope this will help you focus in class and if not that we will just have to keep doing this…

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