Nicolette Bloom – Mommy Pleasures Her Son

Mommy Roleplay, Older Woman / Younger Man, PAWG, Virtual Sex, Taboo

I know you’re sad you can’t go outside and play with your friends. Mommy hates seeing you like this. Do you want mommy to rub your back? You want mommy to rub your belly? Of course sweetie, mommy will rub whatever you want. Can mommy see you penis sweetie? When mommy kisses you open mouth do you feel tinglies in your penis? Can mommy touch it? What if mommy put a finger in your butt? Oh I think I feel something in there. When is the last time you went to the bathroom honey? It’s okay mommy can still milk your prostate even if your butt is full. How about you put your penis inside of mommy? I’m so happy I’m the one that gets to take your virginity honey. Remember this is our little secret.

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