Nikki Brooks – Mom Teaches Son How to Kiss

It was embarrassing. You didn’t plan or want to be the only guy in your grade that hadn’t…you know, gotten “special attention” from a girl. All the boys were constantly bragging about it, and there you were, a kissless virgin. It sucked, and instead of playing video games in the living room like you normally would be doing, you had been pouting in your room. “What’s up? You haven’t been out of your room the entire day,” Mom says walking into your room. At first you try to deny it, but Mom knows that the boys at school have been teasing you. I mean, you’ve tried to ignore them, but it’s gotten so bad lately that you don’t know what to do. Mom tries to have a talk with you, telling you that everyone matures at a different age, but it’s not fair. You’re sure Mom had a kiss when she was your age, but she insists that it’s not about who does it first or who does it last, but who does it the best. You’re not buying it, so Mom tells you that she’ll help you out and teach you. “I’ll just teach you simple, little kisses, and…nothing with tongue. Just simple, sensual kisses,” she says. Wait – did she bring a girl over for you to practice on? “No…me, silly. Now you don’t have to feel embarrassed. They’ll be no girl that’s going back to school and spreading rumors that you sucked, okay?” she continues. Well, okay…it didn’t seem like an awful idea. You can finally tell the boys you kissed a girl, and you don’t have to tell them it was your mom. Mom leans in and presses her lips against yours, softly brushing up against them, and gives you your first kiss. She tells you to practice on her, and when you do, something stiffens…down there. “See, told you. You’re a good kisser. Don’t underestimate yourself just because you haven’t done it,” she smiles. “And you can just tell your friends it was an OLDER woman, and they’ll be jealous of you.” She asks what else the boys have been saying, and then lectures you about how guys sometimes tend to exaggerate what actually happened. “Are you – are you hard? I guess I really am a good kisser,” Mom says uncomfortably. She’s not sure what to do, but because you’ve been teased so much lately, she decides she’ll give you a little more experience by slowly sliding her hand up and down your cock. “Alright – I think Mommy’s taught you enough,” she says nervously. But you want to learn more. You know it’s kind of weird since it’s your mom, but everyone has so much more experience than you. You ask her to help you see what a blowjob feels like, and she panics, “What? Oh honey, I…I can’t do that. That’s a whole, different line I’d be passing if I put it in my mouth.” You give her a sad face, and Mom hurts for you, so she slides your cock into her mouth. It feels so good, and…I mean, you’ve gotten this far, can’t Mommy teach you everything?

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