Nikki Brooks – Moms New Medication

Mom rambles on the phone about her new medication to her friend on the phone. “All I know is that you take care of one problem, and another resurfaces,” she sighs. “This one [medication] is making me super, super horny.” On top of being completely embarrassed by the side effect, Mom has caught herself masturbating uncontrollably in different parts of the house, and even while she’s out running errands. Without noticing, Mom starts rubbing her clit in the middle of her conversation, and once she realizes what she’s doing, decides she better hang up. She rests her head back on the couch, and begins enjoying herself once again. You walk in, unaware of what’s going on, and catch Mom with her fingers up her dress, moaning softly. “AH! Fucking…sh*t, you scared the sh*t out of me,” she screams as she opens her eyes to see you in front of her. “My heart is pounding out of my chest.” She apologizes, humiliated and embarrassed, and begins explaining why you caught her doing what she was doing. She tells you all about her medication, fidgeting as she does, and says she happened to get the rare form of the side effects – an increase in libido…x 100.”I know it’s inappropriate, and I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I can’t help it,” she sighs. “I don’t know what to do. It’s so distracting.” She continues to say that she doesn’t mean to be gross, but she can’t stop getting wet and aroused. Although she’s tried toys and her fingers, nothing has taken that sensation away. “Nothing’s fulfilling that need…that void,” she tells you. “I think that, maybe…if I just get the real thing, that I won’t have this urge all the time,” she says with big eyes. Is Mom saying what you think she’s saying? She’s not trying to hint about getting…cock, is she? “I don’t just wanna screw some guy at the bar. I know how you feel when I bring strangers into the house, so…you know, maybe I was thinking you could help me out, if that’s okay?” she asks nervously. “It…it’s just this one time. I just want to see if it works.” It’s true – you hate when she brings random guys into the house, so if you help her, you won’t have to deal with that. “Baby, I can’t…I can’t focus. I can’t even go to work,” she frantically says. You believe her, you can see the desperate look in her eyes, and what type of son would you be if you didn’t help Mom when she needed you most?

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