Nikki Brooks – Rescued By Mommy

Scene One: Planning
“We’re safe ok baby” My mom says to me as we climb up the stairs. Hiding out at Aunt Cory’s beach house we’re finally away just the two of us. “Nothing can come between us. Me and you forever.” mom whispers to me. I reach out and touch her big breasts as she tells me that everything will be ok. Taking a sip of wine she slowly takes off her dress, letting me touch her sexy body. She feels so amazing as she pulls me out of my shorts and strokes me with her soft hands. The loves I feel keeps me warm and safe as she slides me inside of her. Her back arches and she slowly rides on top of me making me cum inside her. With two fingers she reaches down and tastes my love for her as it drips down her legs.

Scene Two: One bed two people
“Good morning sunshine” My mom says to me from across the room. She can see my morning wood and as she bites her lip she walks over to me. Her silky pajamas hug her body as she crawls over me. Whispering sweet thoughts into my ears she takes off her clothes and lets me explore her body. Finally and truly able to share in our forbidden love I fuck her. My body reacts to her warm glow and I thrust into her again and again. The sounds of lust that pour from her mouth make me even harder as my body begins to spasm and I cum deep inside my loving mother. With the feeling of warm cum inside her she asks me for a glass of wine.

Scene Three: Withdrawal
Later that morning and I can’t keep my hands off of her. “Do you know what horny means?” She asks me with a dirty smile. Opening up her robe she reaches down and begins to stroke me again. I didn’t even think I could get hard again so soon but I can’t stop myself. Mom drops her robe and bends over the counter begging me to fuck her. “You’re such a good boy” She screams between moans. She cums on my cock, her body shaking in orgasm. “I’m going to milk you so hard” She whispers to me. “You’re going to give mommy a facial” At the edge of cumming she drops to her knees and waits expectedly for my big load of cum all over her loving face. She blows me a kiss from her cum covered lips.

Scene Four: Aunt Cory

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