Nikki Lane – Call from the School Principal

We need to sit down and have a discussion. I got a call from your school principal today and he informed me that you’ve been exhibiting some problem behaviors lately. According to several of your teachers you’ve been having trouble concentrating in class and focusing on your assignments. Your principal seems to think that you’ve got something else on your mind that’s preventing you from getting your work done. I absolutely agree and I think I can made a good guess at what that “something else” might be.

It’s perfectly normal for a growing boy like you to have raging hormones and fantasies of a sexual nature. I can see how all of that daydreaming about sex and other naughty activities may get in the way of your schoolwork, but mommy wants to do the right thing and get to the bottom of this. Mommy definitely doesn’t want your grades to suffer. After all, how will you ever get into a good university if you let your grades slip? No, that will never do. As your mother I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure that you go to school everyday with a clear head and ready to focus on your studies. If it means taking care of all the urges you’ve been having because of your hormones, well then that’s what I’m going to do because I want to be a great mother. I think that all you need a sexual release and you’ll be better able to concentrate in class. You won’t be sexually frustrated or tense. You’ll be able to devote all your efforts to maintaining your grades. So let Mommy take you aside and remedy this problem.


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Download file – 600.4 MB