Nikki Lanes – I caught you spying on mommy

I don’t know how long these hidden cameras have been in the house, how long you’ve been filming me, or what you’ve seen exactly. But I do know that you’ve caught me in some compromising positions. You caught me in my underwear and bra, seen me topless, even spied on me in the bathroom! One day I did finally spot one of your hidden cams as I was brushing my hair in the mirror. Needless to say I was surprised and more than a little disturbed. It feels weird knowing that someone has been looking at me in my most intimate moments. That it’s my son makes it all the more uncomfortable. But I won’t let this come between us. I want to discuss this, come to a mutual understanding. Mommy wants you to know that whatever you’re feeling, whatever urges or reactions your body is having is completely normal. Mommy is here to talk to you and to help you. I’ll even confess that I sometimes have urges too. I know how it feels to be sexually frustrated. Maybe we can have a nice long chat and come to a mutual understanding.


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