Nikki Lane – Sleeping Beside Mommy

You scared me a little when I woke up and saw you standing there beside my bed. You told me you were having trouble sleeping so I offered to let you climb in bed beside mommy so maybe I can cuddle and sooth you to sleep. After all it’s been quite a while since you’ve slept in mommy’s bed hasn’t it? Well I tried to soothe you to sleep, speaking softly, but I could feel under the blankets that there was something else preventing you from getting a good night’s rest. I could feel that you had quite a large boner; it was warm and swollen pressing against my stomach. Being the caring mother that I am, I had to do whatever it took to make sure that you could get your sleep. I knew that if you had a phenomenal orgasm that you would soon grow lethargic and sleepy and would quickly drift off into La La Land. So I coached you first by telling you to go down on me and bring me to orgasm; just so you could see how my orgasm made me satiated and rested. After that I returned the favor to you; taking you in my mouth, sucking and deep throating until you came in my mouth and became delightfully drowsy. I knew that after I gave you the best orgasm of your life you’d happily drift off to sleep.


Download file – 139.5 MB
Download file – 139.5 MB