Nikki Lane – Stepson Quickie in a Quiet Corner

I’ve found a quiet corner of the house where I’ve brought you so we can talk about some things. I know you may be feeling rather strange because I’m your stepmother but I wanted to get you alone so we could be free to talk it over and express our true feelings freely without anyone overhearing. We can come to this little nook and just be honest with each other and finally say what we’ve left unsaid for so long. I’ve longed for you for all these months. And I feel so good to know that you’ve been dying to feel mommy’s pussy wrapped around your cock, to experience an orgasm with stepmommy.

So while I have you here I think it would be the perfect time for us to indulge in a little secret tryst. We can have some private fun time, and if we’re very quiet no one will hear us. I can’t wait to wrap my lips around my stepson’s cock; taking it deep in my throat. I can’t wait to sit astride you, taking your young penis into my pussy and riding it up and down. And I want to have you over me, looking into my eyes as you plunge into me. Even though I am your stepmommy and it may be a little naughty for us to carry on like this, I want us to have this little quiet corner where we can always go to when we need some “mommy, son” time.


Download file – 329.1 MB
Download file – 329.1 MB