Nikki Lane – Swelling Pains

I rushed home from work as soon as I got the call that you were sick. Now I come home to find you stuck in bed looking very piqued and flushed. You’re skin is not exactly hot to the touch, but as soon as I do a closer examination I discover that a certain part of your body is umm….a little swollen for lack of a better description. I know it’s a natural bodily reaction but I just can’t stand to see my boy in pain.Even though it may be a little mortifying, I’m going to get rid of that pain if I can because that’s what good moms do. So maybe if I rub it just a bit, the pressure and swelling will go down. After all there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my dear son. And if I get a little, surprise? at the end, well don’t worry. Mommy can just clean herself off. As long as you’re feeling better, that’s all that is important.


Download file – 147.4 MB
Download file – 147.4 MB