Noelle Easton – Cougar Jailbird Corrupts A Mommy and Son 1

Fresh out of jail for her cougar ways, sexy busty MILF arrives home and fantasizes about her newfound freedom all over again. Eager to have privacy and quiet again, she aggressively throws her bag down and rips out a pair of little boys underpants. A little souvenir from her wildest fantasy that she’s kept in anticipation for this moment. Excitement peaks quickly as her hands explore her body again, her sensitive, untouched nipples and pussy throbbing with desire to fulfill her fantasy all over again. Little kiddie underpants rub mercilessly over her pleasure pumped clit until she cries out and shakes with the first intense, real orgasm she’s felt in so long. Post-orgasm, her rolled back, pleasure filled eyes wander to the window where she discovers a cute young boy walking home with his mommy in the dark. Her chance comes after they turn unsuspecting down a darkly lit side road. She lures them in gently but firmly, confident that this special couple will realize the fun they’ve been missing out on. “Fight it all you want, but you’ll both stay tied up while we al take turns with each other until I can see your willingness to participate. I know your secret about your son, Mommy! Look up at the wall, little boy. That’s your Mommy, enjoying young boys just like you. She can’t hide it anymore – CAN you Mommy? It’s not anger or protectiveness or disgust flooding over you, as I explore his developing young body in front of you, now is it? Can you see the jealousy in your Mommy’s eyes as I touch you and kiss you little boy? Stare her in the eyes and plead for her to explain what’s happening. She can’t help you, I’ll take care of you tonight little boy. Your Mommy wanted to be your first but she needs to learn from my example first. She has to watch while I suck you, lick your smooth young skin, peel your kiddie penis out of those kiddie underwear! It’s driving her crazy watching you wiggle and squirm with confusion and pleasure. Oh no, the nervous little boy just peed himself!” She licks and sucks her kid piss soaked fingers and rubs her horny cougar pussy to the thought of taking young virgin boys innocence. She demands that your Mommy clean you up like a good mother. Her little boy is all dirty from peeing all over himself and not cleaning his cute little butt when he went to the bathroom last. Mommy leans over to clean him up as their corrupter watches on, taking his penis into her warm motherly mouth, the young boy pushed back and forth between his mother and this stranger, squealing as my throat swallows up his little kid dick and pushes his little virgin butthole harder onto the tip of his Mother’s waiting tongue. She takes her turn with her son as the corrupter instructs him on how to eat her wet horny pussy. With every tongue thrust from Mommy in his little butt, his young innocent face is shoved harder into the strangers pussy until her eyes roll back and she can’t keep herself from trying out that young penis in front of the young boys Mother. “Mommy can help, but I am going to take your virginity, not her. Watch your sons penis get swallowed by my pussy, Mommy. Next time it will be you so pay attention to how he likes it. He’s going to cum right through these little boy underpants into my pussy! You should be proud of your son! You want him to keep experiencing this excitement, don’t you? Then you’ll tell everyone you two were at therapy. And if you don’t want this getting out, I suggest you agree to “therapy” once a week with your son from now on. I think we could make a devilish, twisted team, don’t you, Mom?”

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