Noelle Easton – Hunted By A Cougar Demoness

A mother and her son adventure into their cluttered basement one night. Immediately catching their eye was an old, dust covered Ouija board. The pair stare at each other with nervous grins and giggle. They set the board down and begin to play, unaware that they are about to awaken a boy-hungry Demoness from a deep hibernation. As they get ready for bed, a shadowy figure lurks, watching. She has her sights set on the mothers young son and will soon need to “feed”. She watches over the next few days as the young boy uses the bathroom, naps, and plays. Her physical form strengthens as she makes herself orgasm by rubbing the young boys underwear violently against her pussy while watching his mother bathe him. When her physical form is finally visible to the boy, she makes her move. Her shadowy figure appears in the boys bed as she undresses and watches his innocent, frightened little face. He lies helpless as she has her way with his still developing penis, eagerly slurping his virgin dick and balls and licking his tight little virgin ass. His whimpers and cries only make her more ravenous. Determined to make this young boy cum, she slips a shiny urethra plug into his little pee-hole as she fingers that tight butt. A penis begins to grow between her legs and she teases his tight virgin butt before thrusting it in as the boy cries out in pain. She pumps his little butt and thrusts the urethra rod in and out of his pee-hole as she jerks his sensitive little head. She thrusts hard into his little butt one last time and pulls out the urethra rod and cum squirts everywhere! Satisfied, the Demoness returns to the darkness.

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