Noelle Easton – Taking My Little Brothers Virginity

Noelle Easton – Taking My Little Brothers Virginity
Coming home from school, I jump into the bed with my little brother to watch some TV. It’s the perfect time to bring up how to delete internet search history on the family computer since I saw what you have been searching, and if mom and dad find out, we’re both going to be grounded from using the computer. I start addressing some of your questions and teaching you the ins and outs of girls and boys and how sex works. I encourage you to touch my boobs and feel my ass, eventually getting you undressed. We kiss and have sex, I suck your young dick and tell you how wrong it is for a big sister and a little brother to lose their virginities to each other. Your young cock shoots a hot load into your big sisters pussy and she promises to help you practice sex and kissing anytime mom and dad leave.

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