Oh Son You Got Hard Again

Part 1: She talks about the hard on of her son at the nude beach as he peeked on her again, nude in the bathroom. Was it because of her or the other naked ladies? Talking about his masturbating under the towel… then all of a sudden he jerks off at the sight of her bare breasts… the natural breasts of his mother, not those disgusting tattooed plastic tits he saw plenty of on the beach… her son is a real sex monster, he jerked off twice within 10 minutes… so she decides to give him some education in cum control! Starts by holding his cock in a firm and painful grip… she let cold water flow over it… so the first lesson worked! Her sons cock got shriveled up again, almost like his fathers cock as she mentioned. But his cock was small almost anytime, makes her wonder if her son is from him? Then she talked a bit dirty about his childhood, when he got an erection at those over the knee spanking by his own mother. Maybe that’s when his sexual obsessions started? Oh no, she noticed that he got hard again, by listening to these dirty stories from the past… so she decides to help him get rid of his erection and to get relief.

Part 2: She talks about the good old times when you got spanked over the knee by your mother and got hard at the same time, feeling her stockings and suspenders on your cock… at talking she notice that your get hard again with pre-cum… But this time she wants you to hold your load until you got permission to cum! A hard thing to do as she force you to cum close to her, to her breasts and to rub your cock on her body… but as she knows you already came twice and so you should be able to hold it! After the mommy tits teasing, she force you in her bed, for the ultimate cum control test. Dirty talking like she want you to cum for mommy, it would be the third time, but now with her permission! So cum for mommy as she calls you things like “my baby boy” or “my filthy little pervert” or “mommys pussy is wet” or “you are a real man now”… its like real in bed with mommy, cumming over her mature milf body! So jerk your dick and cum over her naked body while she talks real dirty things, strikes hot and exposed poses for you! But wait, her own dirty talking and seeing your big dick, turned her so much on that she starts to masturbate herself… brought her to the depraved idea for a common orgasm with her own son!!! So she counts you down at the end for a real common orgasm.

Part 3: He stands there naked in front of her, with his stiff cock bouncing around as she talks to him… while she is wearing hot lingerie… then talking about her breasts and hard nipples, open her bra to show him her tits… She wants him to empty his balls in front of her, just before her big cock lover arrives. Her boy has to learn to control his dick… just to get rid of his too early cumming problem! She talks to him about the other man and how he will please her, that she still need that pleasure… and maybe he can watch them together after he emptied his balls, so he doesn’t shoot too quick, seeing his mother in bed with a man who is hung like a donkey. Lot’s of dirty talking in this movie, size matters!

Part 4: Now its time to empty his balls before her lover, who is hung like a donkey, arrives!
So she takes her transparent top off to show him again the natural big tits of his mother. She even fools him by pretending than he can fuck her from behind… but this time she wants see how he can cum in front of her! What follows is a jerk off instruction by mommy! No wonder he cums with an unusual amount off sperm, maybe his biggest load ever, that he shot for mommy!

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Download Oh Son You Got Hard Again.mp4