Blaten Lee – Comforting Her Step-Son

Blaten Lee – Comforting Her Step-Son Part 1
When your step-mom comes in to comfort you over your break up, she ends up showing more than just motherly affection.

Blaten Lee – Comforting Her Step-Son Part 2
When your step-mom catches you jerking off while you watch her sun bathe outside, she tries to avoid her urges for you, but she just can’t say no to her step-son.

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Nina Hartley – Crush on her Step-Son

Nina Hartley – Crush on her Step-Son Part 1
Nina’s step-son comes home from the gym and his back is klling him. She always used to rub his shoulders and now that he is so grown up it is hard for her to not be as affectionate as she used to be. Well Nathan is feeling pretty tore up so he is really grateful for his step-mom’s tender touch. Nina is realizing every second just how much has changed in how she sees her step-son, and she lets her hands and her feelings go where they will

Nina Hartley – Crush on her Step-Son Part 2
Nina has been feeling great about finally giving in to her crush on her step-son. Nathan comes in to talk to her, he wants to apologize for what happened, and thinks he should probably go away for a while. The last thing Nina wants is to go without her step-son and she shows him he has nothing to apologize for

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Erica Lauren – Keeping her Step-Son out of Trouble

Erica Lauren – Keeping her Step-Son out of Trouble Part 1
Erica is very concerned about her step-son. A step-mother of one of the girl’s from school found a “dick pic” on her step-daughter’s phone and says it is from Rion. Erica wants to be sure it was not her step-son sending those kind of pictures

Erica Lauren – Keeping her Step-Son out of Trouble Part 2
Erica expected her step-son to start masturbating more so he would have more control around girls and stop getting into trouble, but another call from another girl’s step-mom shows he is up to his old tricks. It’s for his own good that she has him use his young lust on her instead of some young girl his age

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Sydney Harwin – Horny Mommy Wants Breeding

You don’t have locks on the bathroom doors in this house. There is no such thing as privacy between family. Your Mommy is relaxing in the bath when you come to talk to her. You’ve been thinking that maybe she was right, maybe you should try sex without a condom. You can still remember the first time you fucked your Mother, but now she is different.. now she wants more than a quick shag. She wants to be pregnant again before she gets too old and your fathers little swimmers don’t swim so well anymore. You said no to her before, but right now when your THIS horny, you don’t care if your dicks bare…

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PuppyGirlfriend – Your Mommy Loves To Cum On Your Cock

You’re spying on me while I masturbate in lingerie, but I realize you’re watching me! I’m your Mommy, this is so wrong.. But I’m so horny that I propose you help me cum, your Mommy is a real slut! I know you like to watch me, so I finger myself in front of you, showing you my big boobs and shaved pussy, then pull out your already hard cock and start licking and sucking it! Your Mommy knows how to make you feel good, so I give you a handjob and blowjob while I finger my tight pussy! I want to ride your cock, let your experienced Mommy do it! Riding your hard cock helps me have a strong orgasm with shaking legs, I keep fucking your big cock while doing dirty talk and encourage you to cum inside me, I will not stop until you creampie me! This will be our secret, you can enter Mommy’s room and cum inside her whenever you want!

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PuppyGirlfriend – Mommy Caught You Jerk Off

Your Mommy walks into your room and catches you masturbating! When I see you jerking off I start seducing you, Mommy knows how to help you cum and make you feel good! I show you my big boobs and teach you how to masturbate, starting to give you a handjob and blowjob, I want to make you cum for me! I show you my hairy pussy while I give you a handjob, your Mommy loves your hard cock, you make me so wet! I urge you to finish inside my mouth so I keep sucking and jerking your big cock until you cum inside my mouth! Mommy is so proud of you, you gave me a big load of cum!

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Molly Darling – Transforming Mommy Into Your Fuckdoll

You’re in your room when your Mom comes in. She doesn’t look happy. She’s holding something you ordered in the post.. unbeknownst to her..a magic ring that can transform the wearer into a submissive Fuckdoll slut. She chastises you for always ordering crap online rather than focusing on your school work. You look worried when she starts to get the ring out of the bag.. not realising what she is getting herself into, she puts the ring on and continues nagging you about school. She wants to see what progress you’ve made on your work and takes your laptop. Embarrassingly, you’ve left open your Mommy son porn. She is shocked and disgusted to see what you’ve been watching.. you see no other way out of the situation.. you have to use the ring’s powers !! In a flash your boring, frumpy, bitch Mom is transformed into a sexy milf stood right before your very eyes! Her nagging attitude changes too, suddenly she’s very interested in your kinky porn and has another way to motivate you to do your school work. Your sexy Mom gets on her knees and promises if you are good, you’ll get more of Mommy in the future. She gets your cock out and starts to stroke you. She tells you to make sure you let her know when you’re going to cum. Although the excitement of it all is too much, seeing your Mom with her juicy cleavage and touching your can’t help but blow your load all over her face and tits. She is not impressed… her anger makes the rings power wear off and she begins to shout at you again, her old personality returning. You need to stop her, so you use the rings powers once again to transform your Mom into the perfect Fuckdoll Mommy slut. She’s in lingerie, collared – with her new title written across her chest in lipstick. She realises her mistake and apologises to you, telling you all the things a good Mommy should do for her son. Her job is to make sure her son is satisfied all the time and his needs always met. She starts to suck your cock. However, the ring seems to be malfunctioning and her old personality battles to take control before returning back to her new submissive role. You fuck her on the bed and she struggles with her old personality which occasionally comes out to object to the whole scenario.. but she can’t help but listen to her new slut self who wants her sons cum deep in her wet pussy. She begs for your cum and you creampie her.. which seals her new transformation permanently. You won’t have to worry about old bitch Mom coming back, you have a new Fuckdoll Mommy to play with now. She thanks you for changing her for the better.. and she’s eager to take the ring into the neighbourhood for some more fun with other women.

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Helena Locke – Teaching Her Step-Son Not to be Awkward

Helena Locke – Teaching Her step-son not to be Awkward Part 1
Helena loves her step-son Rickey more than anything, but circumstances have made him really awkward around girls. he’s at the age where getting along with girls becomes very important so Helena knows she has to help him so they go on a “date” to the movies and she picks an empty theater

Helena Locke – Teaching Her step-son not to be Awkward Part 2
Rickey is a lot less awkward, but Helena wants her step-son to be flat out confident, to know he can make any girls he meets satisfied in bed, and she realizes that she has needs to satisfy as well

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Helena Locke – Finding Out His Step-Mom Did Porn

Helena Locke – Finding out his Step-Mom did Porn Part 1
Rion comes in to have a really awkward talk with his step-mom. His friends sent him a link and when he opened up he saw things he never expected, and Helena handles it in a way that Rion never expected. She makes him realize there is nothing wrong with how he really felt when he saw what she was doing in the videos.

Helena Locke – Finding out his Step-Mom did Porn Part 2
Rion’s relationship with his step-mom has really changed since finding out that she used to do porn. Helena is so happy to show her step-son her sexual side

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Cyndi Sinclair – Massages from Step-Mom

Cyndi Sinclair – Massages from Step-Mom Part 1
Cyndi has been a Massage for a long time but it has been a while since her step-son Alex has asked her for a massage. Of course Cyndi wants to take care of her boy but, he is older now, and his body reacts to being massaged just like any young man’s would. Cyndi doesn’t want him to be embarrassed and does what she feels is natural

Cyndi Sinclair – Massages from Step-Mom Part 2
Cyndi has started taking regular care of Alex, her step-son has needs like any other young man. And her needs are being taken care of as well, so there is nothing wrong with it

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