Paintedrose – Sleepytime Mommy Shares Vibe With Son

Mommy awakes and with son asleepytime next to her, decides to masturbate with a vibrator. Mom is startled by son who she accidentally wakes up. Son loves when Mom shares the vibrator. Down with his undies and they share the vibe on their private parts. Mommy let’s him orgasms several times before she does. It’s always a happy ending in Rosie town. Mommy is very nurturing and loving.

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Nicolebelle – Your Stepmother Is A Gold Digger

You received a huge inheritance and nothing was left to me after your father passed away. I visit you wearing seductive clothes, I tell you I am in need of the money you wouldn’t signed it to me… I notice you checking me out.. making quick plan let’s make a deal if I can make you cum like crazy you will sign it to me… Stepson takes the bait I slowly start undressing telling you that i know your weakness to my tits and over hearing my killer handjob skills you soon will regret…

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Happily_Sweet – Mommys Pantie Boy

Oh hunny.. I know it has been hard.. you feel so lonely.. Its hard to find a girlfriend! I know but its just that none of them are good enough for my boy. You are just so special and any girl dating my boy needs to be too. .. Oh you got me flowers!!!!!! See what I mean you are always thinking of your mama. Aww I love you .. YOu know.. I can help you feel less lonley.. like last time.. you remmeber our secret game… wanna play.. what coulor do you think mommys panties are today? You would love to see mommys panties wouldnt you .. Do you like when mommy teases you .. Thats right pull down those pants , pull down those boxers.. stroke to mommy. OH haha did you just see up my dress.. it is rather short isnt it? DId it excite you seeing my pink panties? Describe them to me.. oh look you are even harder.. haha you really like when you get a peep at mommys panties.. oh!!! OOps! I dropped a pen. No worries dear dont mind me just going to pick it keep stroking okay?

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DionDRossi – Mommy Teaches You How To Jerk Off

You’re growing up so fast – but you’ll always be Mommy’s special boy…. Mommy’s noticed her little boy is all grown up, your body is changing and youre turning in to quite the handsome young man. Let Mommy guide your exploration as we learn to jerk off together. Match Mommys hand as we stroke ourselves to orgasm. After you cum all over your hand Mommy will even teach you how to lick your fingers clean.

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Blackddmamba – BBW Mommy Finds Your Cock Shots

Your mommy just found out you were sending nudes on the family phone and she is MAD! she makes you come into her bedroom to do a proof check that in fact that’s her sons cock! She notices how turned on you’re getting and can’t get the image of your youngg hung cock out of her mind! She wants to taste it so bad that fresh pre-cum and more! It’s driving her wild. She loses control of herself and starts throat banging her own sons rock cock!

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Blackddmamba – BBW Mom Shocked By Sons Confession

You’ve been caught! Your teacher contacted your mom about you staring at her it’s really hard to concentrate lately. You have no idea why you just wanna stare at boobs all day and day dream about fucking women that look like your mom! What the hell is wrong with you!? You love your mom what’s wrong with wanting a woman that looks just like her? Your mom is hot as fuck too your dad is so lucky she dresses so sexy and looks so beautiful all the time she’s perfect! You constantly wonder what her mouth feels like…when you confess to her what she does next for the son she loves shocks you…mommy really does know best.

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Thelochnesscumslut – Mom JOI And CEI

I was just about to leave for the gym and caught you jerking off! You couldn’t wait until I had left already? But I have an excellent idea, I’m going to tell you exactly how to jerk off and maybe even give you a surprise the end! Since I was just about to go to the gym, I’m wearing my sports bra and a sexy pair of leggins! Just wait until the end, you’ll have so much fun with the extra surprise!

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GoldenLace – Mom Wants You To Jerk It

Sexy British milf wants her son to jerk his dick for her. She’s horny and needs some fresh cock to look at. You sit in a chair opposite her and stroke it for her while you watch her finger and rub her hairy mature pussy till she squirts and squirts again. she gives you a count down to end since your father is due home soon.

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