phatassedangel69 – Mommy Just Cant Resist You

Your mom is frustrated because you haven’t gone to the tailor’s to get your suit fitted for your big event next week. She says it needs to get done today and she will just have to take your measurements here at home. Mommy starts measuring your torso and realizes your shirt is in the way so she tells you it needs to come off. You are reluctant but agree. Your mom is shocked to see how muscular you look! She mentions your abs and body and said she never realized how big you’ve gotten lately. Next she takes leg measurements but has the same issue with the pants, so off they come! You are reluctant but she convinces you that its the only way to get proper measurements. Then mommy sees how big your cock is and can’t help but mention it. She is flustered and is getting turned on. She can’t stop looking at it. She insists that she needs to measure your cock in order to get the fit right and that your boxers must be removed. You really aren’t sure but she tells you to be a good boy and do what Mommy tells you. You take off your boxers and your mom measures your cock, she is getting more and more beside herself seeing your naked body and how big your dick is. She simply cannot help herself and starts kissing and licking your cock even though you are hesitant. She convinces you it’s fine and starts taking her top off while she gives you a sloppy blowjob and also sucks on your balls. Mommy pulls her jeans to her knees and tells you to eat her ass and pussy. Then she tells you she needs you to fuck her. You fuck her in doggystyle, missionary, and then from the side. Mommy begs you to blow your load inside her pussy like a good boy. You do and then you watch every drop drip out of her pussy.

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PrincessMia – Mommy Wakes You Up

When I, your mommy, come into your room to wake you up, I pull back the covers and am surprised to see that my boy has quite a big problem! I tell you not to be embarrassed, that I’m your mother and that I’ll help you. I then sink to my knees so I can suck and gag on your cock before wrapping my huge tits around them and stroking you. I ask if you’re ready to be inside Mommy’s hairy pussy the climb on top of you, riding your hard cock while my tits bounce in your face and I beg you to cum. Finally you do and I turn over and spread my ass cheeks so you can see your cum dripping out of me!

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Hot Juls Fetishes – Naughty Vacation With Mommy

We walk in the house after going to the beach. I’m feeling relaxed and happy. I tell you how much fun i am having with you here, this special summer vacay, without your daddy. I’m so happy you could come with me. “oh no, you look totally sunburned. After i take a shower i will put some lotion on you. Go ahead and take a shower too so we could go out to dinner”. You couldn’t help yourself but be a little sneaky pervy boy and spy on mommy while she is taking a shower. Your “young” curiosity and non-stop erection is taking over your life. You know it’s wrong to sneak on your mom but you can’t resist you hot body, the way she smiles at you, loving and warm. Next Scene: “I knew you were spying on me. You know it’s wrong! But i’m not here to scold you. It’s out summer vacation and we should just enjoy our time here” – i Say. I only have a towel wrapped around my naked body, applying lotion. I ask you all about your sex life and if you’ve ever touched a girl. Your answer was “No!”. Oh, my inexperienced boy, i can’t allow you to go back to school being a virgin. We must fix it. You weren’t sure where this is going but suddenly your mom started to act all horny, flirty, maybe she had a few cocktails earlier… After a few minutes she finally tells you that she is here to help you to lose your virginity. “Come here sweetie, would you like to rub some lotion on mommy’s tits? Don’t be scared. I’m your mommy and i know BEST. No girl would ever compare to me!”. After playing with your moms hot tits, she offers to apply lotion on your hard cock. She is so turned on sliding her warm hands up and down your slippery cock. Next scene: I get on a couch and totally naked i tell my son to bend me over and fuck me hard. I tease him with my sexy curves, small shaved pussy, round ass. I know he can’t resist me and that’s my advantage….Followed by lots of hot POV fucking, orgasms and finally my son’s first cum shot inside my pussy. Warm & sweet, i take my time licking his cum off my hand. “Do you want to fuck your mommy later again? You are a man now!”.

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Rayne Woods – Mom Son Loving Family

So today we already had sex twice. First you took care of my morning wood and I creampied your pussy as usual and second we fucked in the living room while me and dad watched tv. You came in the room and pulled my cock out and had me cum on your tits. (ON CAMERA) You come into my room knowing I’m already horny waiting for my mother to make me cum. My cock is already hard for you so we get started right away. (I’m not gonna give you much of a script just the scenario and you can act within it.) You tell me your pussy is sore from earlier so you’re just gonna gimme a blowjob/tittyfuck tonight. My Aunt Moona calls you on your cell (in my language I say Moona Fua so if you can say that instead) and tells you she’s been craving her nephews cock and you both agree that she’ll come over tmrw and we can have a threesome all day long. Moona Fua has huge tits and ass. She’s on the phone for the majority of this video talking dirty with you about your son’s beautiful cock and all the dirty things we are gonna do tmrw to each other. At the end I get to cum in your mouth and you swallow all of it cause you love the taste of it. I want the video to be as natural as it can be. Whatever it is you actually wear to sl**p, wear it. You dont need to wear lipstick and you can have the minimal makeup on dont over do it. Keywords I want you to say are incst, taboo, etc. It’s gotta be heavy taboo talk with your b*by boy. Remember… you’re my loving dearing slut mother who loves the incst life with her son.”

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JessieMinx – Turning You Into A Man

Custom Video: Mom/ son POV -First 3 min- Son is spying on mom as she comes to her room after a shower wearing only a towel. Dry off slowly and sexy, accentuating your butt and breasts. notice son and call him out. You realize he is hard and tell him “it’s not right to spy on your naked mother”. Make him strip. “You saw mommy, now she gets to see you”.Become increasingly aroused as you notice his ” huge saggy balls and massive cock”. -last 7 min- “It’s a mother’s job to make her son a man, I gave you that massive penis, now it’s time to give it back to mommy.” Ride him cowgirl, bouncing and pressing tits together. After a few min, he blows his load. “oh baby, I feel you busting in mommy.” Shiver and thrust in reaction to a few bursts.”It feels so nice and warm honey, empty those balls in mommy.” Explain the importance and joy of a shared orgasm. ” I know you have more cum in those big young balls of yours, so wait for mommy this time” Finish missionary (w/camera above you like being on top) Breasts bouncing and pressed together. “It feels so wonderful having my baby boy inside me.” I love the way your balls pound mommy’s asshole.” Mash those huge nuts hard against mommy’s asshole baby!“I can feel you throbbing son and mommy is about to erupt all over your rod, so when you feel your mother’s warm juices wash over your cock, you can let go baby.” Have intense orgasm and he blows in you again. Long, slow thrust reactions to nut busts. “I know you’re tired baby, okay pass out inside mommy.

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HugeBoobsErin – Mommy Caught You Masturbating

I am your mom and I come into your room and find you masturbating. I am shocked and almost angered because I am against it. I keep telling you to stop but you refuse. I go to leave a couple times, but my cock lust is too strong. I notice how large your cock is becoming and I become horny. I try and try to fight it and leave but finally can’t help but want you in your mouth. I take my shirt off and start BJ.

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