Missbehavin26 – Spin The Bottle With Mommy

Strip Game with Mom It’s a normal night, dad is working and im alone with mom. It is so boring. The son asks mom if she would to play with him something. Since all the games are just boring, why dont we just play “spin the bottle”, mom? So they are playing but it’s still boring we need to bring more action in it mom. What about if the bottle choose you, you gonna take one part of your clothes off? Mom was getting little upset and that’s too much for her but in the end she did it. She said we must keep this for us. For some reason the bottle always chose her. When she took off her pants, I should not look first and it was embarrassing for her, same with shirt. She always did her hands before her bra. So now they are on one Point were Mom is in her thong and bra. She said thats enough and we need to stop it. I said to mom ok but can you maybe show me your back like turn arround because i only saw ur from your “face side”. Mom looked at me so weird after i said it. She said you know that im your mother, games are games but its enough now. But she did it for him. When she was standing with her ass to him she was talking with him , if its now enough ? Helllooo son? After she turn arround she saw that her son was jerking off to her ass. She said omg put that away, what are you doing? Im your Mom? She was ashamed. He said but Mom you are so young and your body is so! She said no, but on one side mom was thinking that she cant let him like this. So she decided okay maybe if i turn arround you can continue but be fast. After a while Mom maybe you suck a bit? OMG what did you just said son? But she did it after a short discussion. And she let him fuck him from behind until he came.

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Bettie Bondage – Fucking Your Trashy Slutty Mom

You and your mom are moving, and she decided it would be a great idea to have a house party to say goodbye to the old place, inviting all your friends…well, all your male friends at least. See, your mom is that trashy mom – the one who dresses in super low-cut blouses, who flirts with every guy, no matter what – even when they’re your friends. Sometimes she even acts on it! She always acts smug, like she knows you’ve caught her. Like she likes teasing you…her own son. After the party’s over and the sun has come up, you’re walking around the place only to have your mother stumble out of the closet, talking to someone as she does. You know it’s a friend of yours, probably just finished fucking her. Your mother is all slurred words and slutty gestures, laughing as she tells you she was just showing him her cute little panties. The fucking nerve of her! Of him! You can’t believe it. And as much as you hate it, your cock is getting hard, the way it always does around your mother’s pretty face, big breasts, and thick thighs. She’s teasing you. You can tell she wants to make you squirm. But this time, she takes it farther, yelling into the closet for Branden to stay there as she starts to tease you even more, shaking her ass at you, pulling her panties aside and flashing her pussy at you, all wet and fucked. She unzips her leather bustier and shows you her tits, telling you she knows you’ve always wanted to fuck her. Before you can even pretend you want to object, she’s on her knees sucking your cock like the whore she is. You’re not surprised by how well she handles your cock but fuckin’ A, it feels so good. You try to lamely protest but she tells you to shut up, sucking and throating you, licking and gagging on your cock before standing up to get your cock from behind. For a dirty slut, your mom is tight! You watch her lips grip your fat cock, sliding in and out before she tells you to get on your back and straddles you, riding you hard and long, making you go deeper than you’ve ever gone with any of your little high school girlfriends. You love fucking your mom…better yet, you love covering her face in cum while she begs for her son’s load. You shoot all over her face, watching it drip down to her open mouth as she savors it, swallowing it all and giggling. What a fucking slut.

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Kitty_LeRoux – Moms Birthday Present

It’s your mom’s birthday, but you’re feeling a little down before the dinner reservation. You aren’t happy with the present you gave her. Your sweet mother stops to console you. “It’s the thought that counts sweety, I’ve told you that your whole life.” When you tell her you’d do anything to make her birthday amazing, she hears a very pleasing word. “…Anything?” she says with a glint in her eye. You’re not exactly sure what’s come over her, but it seems your offer has made her go full cougar on you. All of the sudden, your cock is out, and your sweet mother is licking it, sucking it, and fucking herself with it She has a few other ideas to make her birthday the best she’s ever had- watch her ride your cock with her curvy body, tit-fuck you with her big tits, and literally suck the cum right out of you. “Screw the dinner reservations sweety, let’s stay home.”

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Butt3rflyforu – Moms Pussy Was Gangbanged

You waited up for mommy to come and tell you all about her hot Friday night evening with 4 of your school friends. Mommy has quite the reputation at your school! You love hearing about how many of your friends got to feel your mommy’s tight, wet pussy. Mommy craves young cock, but you know you are her favorite. Mommy likes to come home and tell you all about the night and how many creampies she took bareback!!! This time there were 4 of your friends!!! I literally have so much cum dripping from my pussy…but honey, you know you love it when I tell you how it all went down and you get to end my evening with sliding your bare cock inside me, and yes that squishing you hear is the sound of all the young boys’ cum that is left inside mommy. Now slide your bare cock in me and leave the 5th load!

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Little Puck – Mommy Loves Her Boy

Sweetie, I know it’s early but ur father just left for work and I wanted us to have some special mommy/son time. U look a little flushed? Do u have a fever? Oh no you’re just not used to seeing mommy getting ready for work, I usually have more on but I was just in a hurry to spend time with u. U don’t mind do u? Ur not too old to hang out with your mom? U used to see me like this all the time, but now ur growing up and breasts must be a big deal for u huh? U checking out all the girls at school? The teachers? I bet you like older woman don’t u… there’s nothing wrong with that! It just means ur very mature. Ohh, I didn’t even notice I was on top of you. U don’t mind how mommy’s sitting, do u? I just want to be close to my boy. What if I stroke you like this? You like that? Good boy. Mommy likes when u behave. You don’t think it’s weird your mommy is holding your fat dick in her hand do you? Do you like when I call it cock or dick or penis? What does my sweet baby boy want his mommy to call his huge fat monster? What do the other boys call it? They must see it in the locker room right? You must be like a huge daddy to them. Mmm my baby boy is my daddy now. You wanna be mommy’s daddy, sweetie? Wanna see if you can make mommy squeal?? How do you even walk around with this thing? You must be constantly hard too, you’re just at that age you know? Everyone must know you’re packing…that big bulge just out and getting all the girls panties wet…i bet you some of your female teachers have to take their lunch break in the teachers bathroom so they can release all their pent up horniness…tell me who are the ones that stare at your crotch too long? Or don’t I might get jealous…tho it is my right i’m your mom and you belong to me not any other whore. Whenever you have an erection at school or soccer practice you call me…you need release and I need to be there for you as a mom. From now i’m making sure you have a good hard cum before you go to school so your cock doesn’t ache all day walking around what that big fat penis hanging out in those tight jeans. God all your pants must be so tight on you I was wondering why you’ve been growing out of your clothes so fast. And after your father knocks out from his long hard day…we’ll have a big nasty hard fuck to put you right to bed, angel.

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Butt3rflyforu – Mom Found Your Taboo Porn

I walk in your room , your dad out of town and you are supposed to be sl33ping since you have an early day tomorrow at school, and I catch you with your pants around your ankles, hardest cock ever, with your taboo mommy porn on your screen. My mouth drops! I am shocked you are even watching porn, yet taboo porn with older hot woman and young guys. I question you…wondering what you are doing! I know right away something is not right. I see your cock…and notice how big it has gotten since I last saw it. I tell you that you need to get this fetish out of your system. Maybe if I tease you a bit, show you what mommy’s boobies look like…maybe if I slide this tiny G String to the side…that you will get this silly and unnatural fetish out of your system… Keep stroking that cock…don’t stop…I want you to imagine doing naughty things to my pussy…like sticking the tip of that huge, engorged head inside me….that excites you doesn’t it? Of what if I let you stick your hard penis in between my huge tits? It is as tight as my pussy honey…I want you to masturbate right in front of me, thinking of all these naughty things…I want you to cum on my titties…this will for sure get this bad fetish out of you once and for all! Or will it?

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Penny Barber – Birthday Blowjob From Mom

When I ask you what you want for your birthday, I suspect you’re going to say something like a video game or, at worst, a sports car. I’m absolutely shocked when you ask to see me naked! I’m definitely nervous, but I do as you ask, stripping out of my cute polka dot mom dress so that you can see my sexy black lace bra and panties before I strip out of those, too! You can’t believe what big, beautiful tits I have, how tiny my waist is and how full my hips are. You get hard right there and decide that there’s something else that you want for your birthday, too: a deep, passionate blowjob from Mommy!

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Penny Barber – Watersports Blowjob From Mommie

Oh, sweetheart, you’ve been so stressed out recently between school and that little girlfriend of yours. You’ve been having accidents, but I think that I know what I can do to help you out. I softly encourage you to get your cock out, gently stroking your cock to let you know that it’s okay to pee all over me, but instead you start getting an erection. Well, that’s not going to make it easier to pee, now is it? What if Mommie gives your cock a little kiss? And a little lick? I think that it might be easier for you to pee if we deal with that hard on first. It isn’t long before Mommie is on her knees, just sucking your dick and playing with your balls. If you could pee right now, you’d be going all over my tits and in my mouth. Looking up at you, I start deep throating you and stroking you with my hand, sucking your balls and just completely debasing myself for my son’s cock. It’s just so dirty to be doing this with you at your age. I’m so obsessed with you that I actually like sucking your cock and thinking about you wetting yourself. You’re such a lucky boy that Mommie is willing to do this for you even though it’s soon embarrassing. You know you really can’t tell anybody that Mommie plays with your cock and spoils you like this, right? This is our little secret. When you’re finally ready, you cum a huge load all over my tits. It drips down over my nipples and I’m absolutely thrilled—but you still can’t wet! Oh, now you’re pee shy, huh? Well, I’m not—and I think that you could do with seeing what it’s like when someone has an accident that you have to deal with. I stand over you and slide my panties off and pee all over your cock, soaking you and marking my son’s dick as mine. Should I really be surprised that you immediately start getting hard again?

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