Kelly Payne – Cheering Up Mom With Your Mouth And Cock

Mom got all ready to go out on a date, and her date canceled on her last minute… She’s feeling really down and you know just what mom needs. You seduce her quite easily, and tell her to just lay back and close her eyes while you use your tongue to make her orgasm, after mommy cums multiple times, she wants to taste you and starts sucking your cock until that turns her on so much so can’t help but beg for you to fuck her. You fuck mommy in various positions, and cum more than once because mommy just wants you to keep fucking her!

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Bettie Bondage – Fucking Your Blindfolded Mother

You were in your parent’s closet, trying to find the extra towels, when you heard a noise in the bedroom. A noise…no. Oh god, your parents! It’s 2 o clock in the afternoon, what are they doing?? You can’t come out and announce yourself, your mother’s already naked on the bed and…oh my god, she’s…woah, your mother is sucking cock like a porn star! You try not to watch but the noises…they’ve got your dick hard as a rock. You try to think about baseball, you clench all your leg muscles but its no use. Your mother is a wanton slut and there’s no denying it turns you on. You watch through the door with your dick in hand as your mother dons a blindfold and reclines across the bed. Your father tells her to be patient and leaves her there, on display. You shouldn’t. Right? No, that would be so wrong…but when are you going to get another chance like this?! You can’t waste it, right? You quietly slip out of the closet, cock out, and position yourself between your mother’s legs. Her blindfold still firmly in place, she yelps in surprise when the head of your throbbing cock touches her pussy. You try to be patient, but your mother ruins that, reaching down and pulling you towards her immediately. What a slut! She remarks on how thick you are, thinking of course that you’re someone else. You relish the comments she makes, knowing what it means: your going to fill up your mother more than your own father can. She pulls you into her, groaning and moaning as she swivels her hips on your cock. She’s a total cock slut! And a size queen for your thick dick. It doesn’t take long for her to start going really crazy, riding you to an orgasm. In her haste and desperation to cum on your cock, the blindfold slips! You think you’re fucked but she keeps riding you, too lost in her orgasm to stop! She acts angry while you cum deep inside her, watching your seed fill your mother’s pussy as she bounced on your dick, but you know you just gave her the best fuck of her life…

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MoRina – Mom Lacks Boundaries

Your mom is relaxing on the couch in her bathrobe when she hears your phone buzzing. She calls out for you, but you’ve already left for Saturday morning soccer practice. She goes over and glances at the phone and sees that it is a text message from your girlfriend. Your mom really lacks boundaries, and she starts ready the racy texts you and your girl have sent each other. She tries to put the phone down and walk away, but she can’t. She’s intrigued, she’s a little jealous and she’s actually turned on by what she saw. She sees that you asked your girlfriend to stop shaving her pussy, and she realizes that message was sent on the date that she thought you may have seen her get out of the shower. She has always thought your girlfriend looked like a younger version of herself, and now she is getting horny at the thought of you wanting your girl to be just like your mom and have a full bush. She starts scrolling further through your phone and sees pictures of your cock. Now she’s super turned on and masturbating… as you walk in and find her! She stops and stares at you. Instead of covering up her naked body, she invites you over to see close up what a grown woman’s hairy pussy looks like… You don’t just stare, you dive in, following her instructions for eating her mature pussy. She assures you that your girlfriend doesn’t need to grow her pussy hair, you can have mom’s from now on…

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Penny Barber – Mom Plays Dress Up To Get Your Grades Up

I was so surprised to get a phone call from your teacher that was not a glowing compliment. What has gotten you off track this semester? Sweetheart, being horny is normal and not an excuse for poor academic performance. What do you mean are horny for something “weird”? You can tell me and I promise I will do whatever I can to help you get your grades back up. Wait, you want me to wear what? Stick that thing where? Oh goodness. Well, if dressing up in this slutty anime costume and wiggling my ass in your face with this plug in my hole is the only way to get you back to straight A’s, then I guess that is what I have to do.

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Taboo Milf Kristi – Mommy Needs Her Boy In Every Way

Oh my sweet son… there is something I need to tell you. I’ve been holding on to this feeling… this secret… for months now. It started as a little spark but it has turned into a burning flame of desire in my heart. I know it’s wrong… I know it is a line a mother should never cross… but I can’t help myself any longer. Mommy loves you… but not just in that way… I love you the way a mother should never love her son. My feelings of desire for you cannot be extinguished. I want you baby… I need you… I need you in every way a mother should never need her son… Do you feel the same? Do you feel that urge… that lust… for your mother? Do you want to be with me… be inside me… the way I want you? Oh baby, I know you do. I can feel it! I can feel the desire burning strong inside of you… your cock… my pussy… I need you baby, mommy needs you right now in a way I’ve never needed a man before. I need my son… I need to feel you inside of me…

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Kelly Payne – Moms Special Treat

Mommy won’t be home tonight to say goodnight, so mommy decided to make this special treat just for you! Your favorite breast milk cookies, and mommy making herself squirt and cum over and over again just for her little man. Mommy loves cumming for you baby! After shes done making a mess in the kitchen she enjoys some breast milk cookies, and of course her own sweet breast milk, yum! What a Special treat!

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KimberleyJx – Moms Pregnancy Bribe

I’ve found out that your grades have been slipping, are video games to blame? I find out its something else… my cleavage, if I’m such a distraction to you then maybe whilst your father is away you can give me something I need.. I need to get pregnant! & you are going to do that for me, I find out you’re still a virgin, which actually turns me on so much ! So be a good boy, let mommy suck and fuck your cock until you cum all inside mommys pussy. Just don’t tell dad, this can be our little secret.

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Mizzerotique – Taboo Ageplay Mommys Vodka Problem

In this video mommy comes home from a night out…shes on the sauce and upon kissing you goodnight mistakes you for your dad. Things take a raunchy turn when mommy urges you to lick her and put your penis in her. You keep feeling like you need to peepee but she encourages you to keep going and cum in her before cleaning you up and tucking you back in.

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Raven Hart – Mom Gives You The Talk

Raven Hart – Mom Gives You The Talk Part 1:
You’re looking for a bit of “alone time” when mom knocks on your door. Wow, sound really travels in your house. Mom heard your conversation with your girlfriend the other day. All the things you were trying to get that girl to do. Mom really doesn’t want to be dealing with the angry older brothers and furious fathers that may come looking for you if you have your way with any of the girls from school, so she’s decided you’re better off learning from her. She can teach you and take care of everything you need without you having to deal with inexperienced or gossipy girls. Mom’s all you’ll ever need.

Raven Hart – Mom Gives You The Talk Part 2:
You’ve been texting the new girl you’re dating. It’s not like it’s your fault you’ve been craving the touch of a woman so badly, and mom’s about to head out on a date. She struts in wearing a sexy red dress that barely covers her curves. After looking at that, you’re supposed to be left with what, just some sexting? That’s not going to cut it, and mom can read that on your face. Maybe she can spare a quicky be for she runs off to dinner. Besides, unlike the girls from school, mom really knows what she’s doing.

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