Penny Barber – Dick Pics With Mom

I did not mean to walk in on your little photoshoot but since I am here, we may as well get some better dick pics for you. I can get it from angles that will make it look bigger but first let me make sure it is as hard as possible. I’ll just get my tits out and play with your cock a little before we snap any more. You have a very nice dick, dear, and I just want to make sure you have some pictures that make you proud. I mean it really is very, very nice. Actually, sweetheart, I think your cock would look the best after it is has been freshly fucked.

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Noelle Easton – Teacher Fucks Her Young Student

Your failing grades in Ms. Easton’s class land you in her room after school for a stern speaking to. She tells you that your “D” average grades won’t do, and promises to give you the “A” if you complete some special extra credit. She bends over to whisper that she loves fucking young boys and how she is craving to teach him a thing or two. Having had her eye on you all year, she finally gets to make her move, pulling out your cock and sucking it as she stares curiously through her glasses up at you to watch your reactions. All this talk of teaching young boys about the female body and blowing her young students’ minds has her wet and naked and she slips your young throbbing cock into her waiting pussy wearing nothing but glasses and ripped pantyhose and begins to ride your cock like you’ll never forget. Before long, she’s already begging for you to coat her glasses and face with cum.

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Noelle Easton – Teacher Teases Student

You’re failing my class, and I demand that you stay after class to work on extra credit. You can’t resist my pantyhose clad legs and high heeled feet as I take off my skirt, panties, top, and bra, showing you why every guy fantasizes about his teachers. I have you drooling as I ride a dildo doggystyle reverse, and cowgirl, I’m such a naughty teacher! They can’t fire me, but I still make sure our secret is safe with us…don’t tell anyone.

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SienaRose – Mommas Boy Has A Glove Fetish

I busted you taking my gloves and I am ANGRY. What were you going to do with them anyway? Those are my favorite soft gloves and they look SO GOOD on my hands. I cannot believe me putting my gloves on in front of you is making your cock hard. Now you’re in for it. PULL YOUR COCK OUT NOW!!!!!!!!! You’re just going to have to sit there and let mommy punish your cock. This isn’t what I had planned for today at all. I cannot believe how big and fat it is as I am teasing and brushing up against that hard cock of yours. You can’t handle momma looking this hot stroking your cock with my super soft cashmere gloves. Shhhh, momma’s got you. Just let it go. Guess your going to have to blow a load all over my nice gloves aren’t you?

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Ivy Secret – Stepmom Tricked Into Sucking Cock

When your new stepmom is as hot as Ivy Secret you will do anything to have her sexy mouth wrapped around your cock. Ivy’s step son gives her some special tea that really gets her juices flowing. All of the sudden she is so horny she can’t keep her clothes on and is begging to suck your cock. You take all that you can before your cum is shooting down her throat and she licks up every last drop!

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Jocelynbaker – Worship Mommys Tits

Mommy found your girlfriends bra in your bedroom, now she wants to talk. Uh-Oh. Thankfully you’re not in trouble. Mommy does have some..concerns, though. She knew your girlfriend had tiny tits but WOW, now that she’s seen her bra she can really see just how small they are. Mommy loves her boy, and wants the VERY best for you. And it’s time you know that those little mosquito bites that you’re playing with, well, they’re far from the best. Luckily, mommy has had a huge pair of supple tit sacs for her entire life so she knows alll about how wonderful they can be. Before you even have a chance to defend yourself Mommy is whipping out her big knockers and showing them off to you! Talking about how they’re so much more fun to slide a cock between (& a lot less effort, too!) Mommy even shows you the pleasures she can give herself thanks to these major mammaries by licking & sucking on them RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! She gets a bit carried away and tries your girlfriends bra on. *Just for a comparison* she says, and wow..her jugs certainly are 2x bigger & better then your girlfriends. You’re starting to think your mom may be right and that you do deserve a girl with larger knockers. After she takes it off she confesses there’s one more thing that makes ginormous boobies better then itty bitty titties, and that’s spraying a fat load of hot cum all over them. Nothing looks better then a heavily covered pair of tits, after all. Mommy tells you that you should get to experience it, and although she won’t stroke you(For christ sakes, she’s your MOM after all!) she will let you jerk yourself off all over her big titties just so you know what you’re missing. How can you refuse that offer? Even though she’s your mom you can’t help but feel your dick twitch while you watch her touch and caress herself. You cum almost instantly and she doesn’t hesitate to play and rub it all into those perfect, soft boobs. Maybe it’s time to go call your girlfriend and let her know it’s not going to work out.

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Reya Sunshine – Cum In Mommy

You’re in for a treat tonight, because mommy is in a giving mood. I tease you in my tight, sheer dress.. giving you a sensory overload by filling your imagination with dirty details while allowing you to feast your eyes on my luscious breasts and tight pussy. I love how worked up you get for mommy, so I start to go to work on your cock with my mouth. I suck, lick, and slobber all over your cock while keeping eye contact. I decide I’m not done teasing you, so I lather my already enticing body up with oil to send you over the edge. I know you love seeing mommy’s voluptuous breasts and ass covered in oil. I then hop on your cock and and ride you in multiple positions like only mommy can. I give you a cum countdown and tell you to cum inside of me.

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Kandiss Kiss – Sons Bully Gives Mom Facial

I know that Chuck, the bully at your school, is giving you a hard time. And I’m sorry, I really am! But it’s NOT that big of a deal! I’ve even invited Chuck over today…I’m going to give him a blowjob in front of you and let him cum all over mommy’s pretty little face! He’s going to teach you how to treat women!

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