Midnah – Mom Son Taboo

I caught you watching mommy/son taboo porn on your tablet, even though I tease you about it, I secretly I think that it’s really hot…Will you let me be your mommy?

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Sarah Calanthe – Mom Gives You A White Christmas

Good morning darling, merry Christmas! Mommy has a very special present for you this year! You’ve been such a good boy that I’ve decided to give you a white Christmas… Meaning that I will drain your balls and make you cum as much as possible! That’s right, Mommy wants your cock! I suck it until you cum in my mouth, fuck it until you cum all over my stomach and pussy, titty fuck it until you cover my big tits in your cum, and then ride you again until you creampie me! Omg! So much cum!!

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Emmas Secret Life – Cum Inside Your Mom Not Your Hand

Custom: So basically it would be one of your awesome POV-style videos with the roleplay where you would be my mommy. You would walk in on me masturbating, and you would be a little embarrassed at first but then tell me it’s okay. And you would notice how big and hard my cock is and start to get turned on. You would eventually help me first by stroking, and then sucking on it before climbing on top and having your way with me. You are the absolute queen of dirty talk, so I would trust you with most of the dialogue, although at some point it would be super hot if you said something like “wow…mommy hasn’t had a cock that big and hard in a long time,” and it would be awesome to finish with you asking to “cum inside mommy’s pussy” or something like that – would really turn me on! And I would love a little reverse cowgirl too but mostly riding facing me, as you know how much I love watching those titties bounce!

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Katy_Ann_XO – Cumming In Your Mommys Panties

You are my son and you are a pantie thief! You didn’t think I was going to notice or find out about you stealing panties! Wrong! You left a pair of my panties on your bed room floor with a huge load of cum in the crotch! I confront you about your pantie stealing ways! Your punishment is that you have to stand in front of me and jerk off in front of me.

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JocelynBaker – Mommy Is My Valentine

You just got home from class and as you’re walking in the door you hear your mother call out. She wants you to come in to the bedroom, and has a surprise for you? Weird, but okay. You walk in her room and realize she must think your dad is home – because she’s wearing nothing but a crotch less bodysuit and sheer robe while having wine. Before you can speak, she realizes that she made a mistake and texts your dad. Immediately she’s annoyed at his response, looks like he’s gotta work late and on Valentine’s Day of all days. You’re about to head out of the room when your mom asks if you can help her finish the expensive bottle of wine she bought. You don’t really have any plans for the evening and you could always use a glass, so you stay with her. You’re a bit nervous at the idea of getting tipsy with your mom in lingerie but you know she’ll be alone if you leave. She picks up on you being uncomfortable, and when you tell her it’s because of the lingerie she giggles while simultaneously slipping the robe off and exposing her giant, saggy breasts. WOW! You look away, out of respect for your Mother. But, she wants you to look. Mommy wants you to know that your father never takes care of her tits and she loves them being sucked on. You know you should probably leave, but you’ve fantasized about your moms tits since you first learned to jerk off. She puts them in your face and you suck on her little pink nipple, taking turns between each breast. Her moaning is getting you so excited you can’t control your hard on throbbing in your jeans. She sees that you’re excited and begs to touch it. Just for a second, she says. You do want to make Mommy happy, don’t you? You lay down on the bed and Mommy gets on her knees, stroking and playing with your dick before slipping it in her mouth and deep throating you. She confesses that sucking cock gets her pussy wet, and begins playing with herself in front of you. Mommy needs to be fucked by your thick veiny cock, and you can’t disobey her! She lies down on the bed and you get a perfect view of her bouncing titties as you slip your cock inside her. She’s SO tight, you never would have imagined it could feel this good. You’re using all of your control not to cum in her immediately, and she starts grinding her hips against you encouraging you to go as deep as you can. Once your balls deep and thrusting, she begs you to cum in her. She’s on birth control, besides if you did get her pregnant, she would tell your father it’s his. Hearing your Mom tell you to cum in her is too much and you shoot a hot load of spunk right inside her wet hole. She’s so happy, she wants to show you just how sloppy you made her. She squats down and you watch your cum rush out of her, all wet and used. You still haven’t realized what you’ve done when she asks you to cuddle her and go one more time, before your father gets home.

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Natalie Wonder – Watching Her Carry Out The Unthinkable

Custom: Hi I have another idea for a mom/mom’s boyfriend, mom/son scenario. This would be a pov via the mother’s boyfriend. The boyfriend talks about his shameless desire to watch his MILF girlfriend perform sexual acts on her young son. They discuss the plan, kiss, flirt and joke about how fucked up they are. To watch a mother inappropriately touch her own son like THAT? She loves the idea. They’re definitely meant to be together. Mom’s not sure how her son will agree to this but she’s determined to figure something out. Son’s still at school but the bus should be dropping him home any minute. Son comes in and mommy tells him to sit down. How was his day at school today? Son gets upset because the bullies beat him up again. Mom looks at her boyfriend with a smirk. She’s got an idea. She tells her son he needs to fight back. Mommy’s going to teach him a good lesson today. She’ll pretend to be a big bully and hold him down while son struggles to get her off. But mom and boyfriend both know what’s REALLY going to happen. Somehow, through all the struggling and manipulation, mommy will undress her boy, grope him, touch him and then force his dick inside her pussy. Holding him down will feel even more exciting. And of course he’s no match for mommy’s strength. He’s still quite small and lanky.

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EnigmaMGF – Spying On Mommy In The Hotel

Mom and son enter hotel room to discover one bed and a broken air conditioner. Mom calls the lobby and is told there are no other rooms. “We have to make the best of it, etc” “Mommy wants to take a quick shower, sweetie. Why don’t you see what channels they have.” Son watches mom strip and take a weary shower, slowly massaging herself. She eventually catches him and yells at him to wait outside for his punishment. Son then leaves the bathroom & mom discusses the situation to herself. “I can’t believe he was spying on his naked mother like that” Mom comes back to the bedroom in sexy sleepwear. She lectures son about peeking on mommy in the shower. As punishment, she makes son strip. “You got to see mommy naked so now she gets to see you.” She is taken aback by his huge penis and saggy balls but remains stern while ogling him and spanks his ass.This causes his cock and balls to bounce in moms face and she can’t help but stare as she smacks his ass. They go to bed after son apologizes and makes up with mommy with good night kisses. “Mommy forgives you baby” Mom and son wake up hot and end up stripping for comfort. Being in bed naked with mom becomes too much and son’s boner begins to press against her. She can’t help but grind her ass against his hard cock. The smell of her son’s sweaty ball sack drives her wild and her frustration gives way to desire. Mom straddles him before insertion, teasing him with her kisses and sweaty tits. She sniffs his ass and sucks his sweaty balls. She then rides his cock in cowgirl, bouncing up and down. Lots of bouncy tits. Finish is missionary to creampie, all in POV perspective. Mom begs for son to get her pregnant and compares him to his father, telling him how much better he fucks.

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Alura Jenson – Before You Go Away

Mom is going to miss me so much, I can tell by the way she’s been acting, but, I didn’t realize how worried she is that I won’t think about her or call her when I am away at school. How could I not think about the most perfect giant tits I have ever seen? Mom knows me better than anyone, and I guess she has known what I think about for a while because she makes sure all I will be able to do is think about her.

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Mindi Mink – Love You Son

My son, I just need to talk to you. I can’t sleep, I’m just so sad & so lonely since dad died. I don’t feel loved anymore. I really miss him. Can I sleep with you tonight, can you hold me tight? Yes. Thank you son I love you. Come here and hold me so tight. Oh, you’re so strong, I love how you feel. Do you like the way I feel? I needed this so bad, thank you. Oh son I feel your erection, don’t worry son, we can do something about that, your so good to me, I love you so much!

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