Kittycream – Have You Been Sniffing My Panties

Kitty has been suspicious for a while that you might have been taking her panties…. You are a naughty boy having all these fantasies so now you will stand in front of Kitty, take your trousers down and jerk off for her as your punishment!

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BabyBrewer – Mommy Son Breastfeeding Turned Taboo

The video begins with mommy sitting down with you at the breakfast table. She has been wearing just a robe all day and night. The whole family is there except for your daddy who is working out of town. You are in a wheelchair too, and she notices that you seem sad and frustrated lately. After breakfast, she decides to call for a sex worker or escort for you, but they decline after hearing that the mom is setting it up and that it is for someone in a wheelchair. She gives up. Later that evening, you can’t go to bed on your own, so you join mommy in bed while she has her back turned breastfeeding your sibling. She notices you feeling awkward so she teases that you might want breastfed by your mother too! Then she turns around and offers her breast to you! Things go from loving and innocent to naughty very quickly as you start humping her and she tries to fight you off… but then you cum. She can’t seem to rest afterwards and calls her friend to vent. She checks on you… and before she knows it, her son is fucking his mommy! She calls her friend for help and describes what happened in detail.

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Ashley Rider – Mummy’s Asking Sons Advice on Outfits

Your getting ready for a vacation away with the girl and want to look your best so you ask for your sons advice he glad assists you trying on all different sexy items you ask is this good your son is secretly watching you underdress even when you ask him to look away you turn around and his pants are down with his stiff cock out your embarrassed and shocked he trys to come closer your worried about the situation but can’t stop looking at your sons cock it’s so hard and you don’t care you push him onto the bed sucking his cock and say how did you know mummy was a whore then ride his cock till he cums deep inside you it’s a pleasant start to the vaccination.

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Nikki Brooks – Stepmommy’s Sloppy Blowjob

Your Step-Mommy knows that you have a perverse mind. Close enough to the real thing, but far enough to walk the line and do naughty things with you. Just as she flaunts her tits and pussy, she can immediately tell your mind is racing and wondering what’s next. Within seconds, she rips your pants off to get to your big hard cock. Your Step-Mommy is eager to empty those youthful balls of yours out anyway that she can. Your Step-Mommy deep throats, spits, sucks and licks to give you the sloppiest blowjob you’ve ever received as her step-son. On her knees awaiting your cum shot, you blow a huge sticky load directly onto your Step-Mommy’s pretty face. What a sloppy mess your Step-Mommy has made!

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Goldie Blair – Little Boy Hunter

Cougar Goldie is a little boy cock hunter and is ready to teach you how a Cougar loves to cock tease her young pray , showing off her big tits and dirty talking you and your friend POV before getting you to take out your little cocks and stroke them JOI then not being able to hold herself she pounces on your cock stroking and sucking your cock before getting you to fuck her Cougar pussy with you little boy cock missionary and doggy style then countdown for you both to cum all over her big tits in a big pop shot!

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Bettie Bondage – Morning Sex with Mom

God, I never imagined he’d want something like that…until one morning. Waking up my son. He was moving like normal…but then, he pulled me on top of him. He was so deliberate, moving almost robotically, grabbing me, putting his hands up under my shirt…inside me, even. God, I wanted to stop it all but I was afraid. They say not to wake someone during an episode of that, this seemed like the same…and how could he not be? His cock, oh my god, he put it in me! He pumped me hard, until I found myself falling into absolute pleasure…I’m so embarrassed to admit that my pleas for him not to cum inside me slowly fell away, until I was begging for his hot cum! God, it was so horrible…but it woke something in me. I have to confront him, to tell him the truth: I want it, just as badly as he does. I want it all!

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Mindi Mink – Browns Win The Bowl Part Two

The Story So Far… Momma went out! She got very tipsy and she is now home a little worse for wear. She has managed to creep into her Son’s friends room and the fireworks are about to go off! So what will happen now? Well, we will see some awesome panties and maybe even some sex between the pair. Will she regret this in the morning? Will she wake up with more than a hangover? Well, check out part two to find out! Let’s find out together!

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Mindi Mink – Browns Win The Bowl Part One

Momma wants a girls night out and she is showing full support for her favorite team in this one! So as her son and friend spend the night in having a few things could turn very taboo very quickly! Maybe Mom may get a little tipsey and stumble into the very room where her son’s friend is still very much awake! I really don’t want to ruin the story for you! I’d rather you take in this full taboo mommy film all to yourself!

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Nikki Brooks – Taboo Fantasy with Auntie Nikki

Auntie Nikki is completely startled as she catches you on the floor as she’s getting undressed. Auntie Nikki expresses that it’s just so nice to have you at the house. Since some other family members are out of town, she tells you how she’d love for you to come around more often and spend some much NEEDED quality time with her. As time goes on, Nikki admits she wants a whole lot more. FUCK ME, she tells you. She’s thought of you for years and fantasized about how it would feel to finally have you inside her. You can hardly resist seeing your Auntie Nikki in her robe, garter belt, stockings, heels and more. She opens up her legs and let’s you taste her. One thing leads to another and before you know it, you’re fucking her in multiple positions. It doesn’t end there….she has a request….CUM INSIDE HER!! Fantasy becomes reality and before you know it you’ve blown your entire load inside her. Seems like you’ll be visiting Auntie Nikki way more often!

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