Gartersex – Mom is Your Prom Date Sucks and Fuks You

I feel so bad that your girlfriend broke up with you just before prom. I have a special dress on for you. I have it hidden under my fur coat…nervous to show you (It is my actual prom dress that is actually so small now my tits are literally falling out of it and not fitting in it properly but I do not even care) I am giddy like a school girl as I pull off my coat and show you my fancy dress and tell you …Mommy will be your prom date. You are so excited at the idea. Seeing me in that curve hugging dress and I am teasing you showing you the garters and stockings I am wearing under it gives you a hard on which I notice and suggest we take care of before we go. I suck you…you fuck me… tittyfuk me… spank me.. spank my tities and doggy style fuck me some more and then pound me so hard you cum deep in my pussy and I decide to put my dress back on again with no bra or panties so that I can smell you. Dancing the night away…no panties…my son’s cum dripping out of my cunt.

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Kylee Nash – Bedtime Handjob From Mommy

Hi sweetie, you haven’t fallen asleep yet, have you? You know you can’t go to bed without your special time with Mommy. Scoot over and let me crawl under the covers with you so we can cuddle. Let’s see what’s going on in your PJ bottoms…that’s what I thought, my boy’s penis is all big and hard. We don’t want you to have an accident in your bed and cum in your sheets again. Mommy is going to use her hands to stroke you off and give you a nice big orgasm before bed. I just love our special time together, don’t you, Son?

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Bettie Bondage – Bettie Teaches Your Mom to Fuck

“Look. It’s not that you’re a bad mother, per se, it’s just that…well, your relationship with your son could be better.” Bettie smiles as she says this to your mother, who sits, perplexed, on the couch. Of course, she knows about your relationship with Bettie. But what she doesn’t know? Bettie is your new Mommy. A better mommy. And why? Because she takes care of all her son’s needs. “And if you want to have a close relationship, like I have with him,” Bettie says, smirking, “then you’ll do exactly as I say. Honestly, you’re fortunate to have me around to show you how to take care of your son and his cock.”

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Bettie Bondage – Smell Mommys Dirty Hole

Oh, you think you can just waltz into your sister’s room and steal her dirty panties?! It’s time someone taught you a lesson. A strong lesson about boundaries. You can’t just cum all over panties. You can’t just lick, and sniff, and suck her dirty thong. Oh my god, are you hard while I yell at you? Jesus, you’re such a pervert! Well, it doesn’t surprise me. No, not at all. You must have inherited my dirty streak. But that’s no excuse! Now, you’re going to prove what a little pervert you are…

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Tara Tainton – It’s All Going to Be Perfectly Fine 4

Shhh…. I don’t want you to say a word. There’s nothing left to say, for either of us. Just… if you want me to turn around and leave, just say… Otherwise, I’ve come for my present. I’ve waited so very long — my entire life, it feels like — to TOUCH you… to FEEL you… my darling, my boy…

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Goddess Fiona – Let Momma Help You

You are my son and you had a bad day. Whats wrong hunny? It turns out that your girlfriend actually dumped you for cumming too quickly. Aweee! MY baybee boy??? Hunny I’m sorry! Thats really lame. She doesn’t deserve you! And as your stepmom, I’m desperate to help you feel better, any way I know how. And I think that, the best way… is if you get a little practice under your belt. Let momma help you by giving you a nice, very very sensual hand job and blow job, telling you I’m proud of you for lasting so long, and how as your m0m I am more than happy to help my baybee boy get better at lasting. Lets end the night with a very sensual, wet and oily titty fuck! I know how much you love your mommas titties. You are doing such a good job at lasting hunny… no girl will ever break up with you over this, ever again. And you will always have your hott and sexy momma to take care of your needs, of course.

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Goddess Fiona – V Day Gift for Mamas Good Boy

You are such a good boy hunny! You know that? You are Momma’s very good, very big boy. So big in fact that…. Well I think the time has finally come for me to give you this very special Valentines Day gift hunny. I noticed recently that you’ve been getting, ahem, aroused around me. Don’t be embarassed! It’s totally normal. Especially with a hott m o m like yours! Hehe anyway, I noticed that your dick is getting especially hard lately, and I think its time that I show you what you need to do with it when that happens. I know how much you love your momma’s sensual touch baby boy. And I won’t be able to do this all the time, but I think it will be a very special and sensual bonding moment for us honey. For me to show you exactly how your dick should be stroked, and for you to find out what you need to say and do for momma so that I enjoy this just as much as you do. I give you JOI in great detail, allowing you to follow what I’m doing, while also doing it for you at some points of course. You need to experience a woman’s touch honey! And who better to show you than your dear sexy momma? You are so sweet, my good boy. I’m going to help you jerk your cock to completion, and allow you to cum alllll over me. What a good boy you are sweetheart…. and what an AMAZING valentines day this is!

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Jessica Starling – Impregnate Mommy BG POV Creampie

Mommy wants you to put a baby inside her! It’s okay though, it’ll be our little secret. You can’t resist mommy in this sexy blue lingerie, can you? Let mommy seduce you, suck your cock, then get on top and ride you. Then, you can pound mommy in missionary until you fill up my pretty pussy with your cum and get me pregnant!

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Miss Switch – Wearing Your Moms Clothes

I come over for the day, and I notice you are checking out your mother while she was cooking for us. Before our date, I show you the outfit your mom loaned to me. Knowing you are attracted to your mother, I decide to tease you about it, getting you hot and bothered for your mom, as I show off the shirt you wish you could see her in. I begin sucking and stroking your cock, dirty talking about how you wish it was her. We move to the bed, where we begin fucking in doggy and missionary. I tell you how I wish I could watch the two of you fuck, sucking your moms pussy off of your cock, and eating her pussy and ass getting it all ready for you. Towards the end, I roleplay as your mom, telling you to fuck your mother, cum inside of your mom, and moaning loudly with the hope that she may hear us… Don’t you wish I was her?

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Kimmie KaBoom – Mom Helps Me Cum Before Church

Every sunday she gets you up early for church but she knows you have cum when you before you can get going.. Lately you have been able to get her help and this morning is no different. She undresses for me and sucks my cock and swallows my cum.

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