Lilcanadiangirl – Mommys Foot Freak

Mommy comes into your room asking what you’re up to. You tell her you are bored. She notices you cleaned up! She talks to you for a little more and then tells you the real reason she came upstairs to your room. Mommy had to use your computer, no she wasn’t snooping, her computer stopped working. When she logged in she saw your entire porn stash. Mommy doesn’t think its very healthy to be looking at all that and asks about that girl you were dating. You tell you she’s been cheating and fucking one of your friends. Now Mommy understands why you have been watching so much porn, she feels so bad that girl and your friend have done this to you. She couldn’t help but notice all the foot fetish porn you have. Foot jobs, toe sucking… She gets curious and wonders what you think of her feet. You don’t need to be embarrassed around Mommy. She shows her feet and can tell you like them, a lot. Mommy wants to take care of you. Your Father isn’t going to be home for a while so she convinces you to get your dick out. She’s absolutely stunned at the size of your cock and lets you put it in between her tits to titty fuck her. Now she uses her feet in her silky stockings to stroke your dick. Mommy wants to be like those girls she saw in your Porn stash. It feels so good you cum all over her feet so much. Now she decides to let you really fuck her. Your Dad hasn’t been very sexually active with her lately and she’s craving your huge cock. You slide it inside her and start fucking. She shows you her cummed on feet and then you fill her pussy with a big cream pie. Mommy knows you can’t be done yet, your dick is still so hard. She rides you like crazy until you give her another cream pie. It all drips out of her. You satisfied your Mom completely and now she needs to act like nothing happened because Dads coming home any minute.

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SmilesOfSally – Making Mommy Happy Makes You Happy

You have had a hard day at work and your girlfriend has a way of cheering you up. There was one time you tried mommy role play and you loved it so your girlfriends suggests it again. She knows that by focusing on making mommy happy you will forget about your own worries. So you look deep into her dark brown eyes and open her wet, hairy cunt wide to please her so you both can cum.

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Milajoyce69 – Cum In Mommys Pussy

I’m taking a bath and notice that you’re spying on know you shouldn’t come into the bathroom while mommy’s bathing. But maybe it’s okay..just this once. I continue my bath and begin to tease you with my soapy body. I shake my ass for you and give you a nice view of mommy’s pussy(and her cute feet) Your cock is getting hard for mommy and I like that…pull it out I can’t take it anymore I need to suck your cock. I give you a nice sloppy blowjob while telling you how much mommy loves your cock. All of this is making mommy nice and wet so we continue things in my bedroom. Mommy opens her legs wide for you to fill her pussy with you cock. You fuck mommy’s pussy so good she moans in pleasure and can’t help but tell you how good her son feels inside of her. Mommy starts begging for you to fill her with your cum and you give her a nice creampie!

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Bettie Bondage – Femdom Mom Makes You Give Her A Creampie

Your mother has been acting really…strange…lately. She’s always making these jokes – at least, you think they’re jokes – about fucking her. Weird, right? She always giggles afterwards but the way she grabs your ass as she leaves the room and the blowjob gestures she makes when you bring a girl over are really starting to make you uncomfortable! But last night…wow. You never thought she’d do THAT! She crept into your room, dressed in a corset and a sexy lace push up bra, her satiny panties tight across her ass and pussy, and she asked again. About…fucking you. You pretend like its a big joke but she straddles you, noting your cock, which has gotten hard despite your best efforts. She grinds against you, teasing you verbally and physically until your will dissolves. She pulls her panties aside and you make her promise to just use the tip of your cock. She smirks, “yes, just the tip,” as her hips dip down and her pussy engulfs the whole of your turgid cock. You groan out, trying to push her off but she holds you down, pistoning her pussy up and down as you squirm. All your resistance does is turn her on! The way she moves her body is driving you and your traitorous cock insane, so much so that when she offers to let you cum on her tits, if you just fuck her on her back, you agree, getting between her legs and pumping your own mother full of cock! When you’re ready to cum, you’re just about to pull out, the orgasm that your mother has built inside you so strong, when she wraps her legs around you and pulls you in, making you cum inside her!!

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Penny Barber – Bribing Mom For A Blowjob

I hope you know that I am very proud of your recent success but don’t you think you might be getting a little carried with all the custom suits and always flashing your cash around. I am sure it is quite stressful to work such a high pressure job but I am not sure spending so much money on fancy watches is going to help. Of course I would love to hear your idea for better ways to spend your money and relieve your stress, honey. Wait what? One hundred dollars… for a blowjob… from me? I thought you were joking but that big, hard cock tells me you’re serious. I guess a hundred bucks for one blowjob isn’t that bad of a deal. What if I strip naked and then you can decide if you really want Mom to suck your dick for money.

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Kitty LeRoux – Risky Business Anal Fuck Friends Mom

You’re visiting your friend because Borderlines 3 just came out and you’re going to marathon it like you did when you were in high school. You haven’t seen each other for a while because college happened and you’ve been away. On day 2 of the marathon, you’re in the kitchen. His mom is making you two rice krispie treats and reminiscing about how you used to be over all the time, how she hopes your sleepover is going well because the floor isn’t very comfy. The truth is you had trouble dozing off- because she came in his room last night and was doing unmentionable things while you gave an Oscar-worthy performance of “totally not awake best friend who totally doesn’t have a boner”. You cheekily tell her you had a dream about her! She jokes that she hopes it wasn’t a nightmare. Your friend gets bored waiting for the treats and goes to look up some strategy. “Omg! I can’t believe I got caught.” Your heart is racing. “I’m so wet.” . Turns out your best friend’s mom is super kinky and into risk taking. Now that she knows she’s caught, she’s even more wet. She climbs up on the counter and shows you she’s been using anal beads the whole time she was making treats for you two. While pulling them out slowly-one by one- she confesses to being an anal slut. She desperately tries to not moan too loudly in case her son hears. She pulls out her tits and fingers herself, until your friend yells for an energy beverage. “We should go so we don’t get caught.” Later that night, you wake up to her sucking your cock! Omg, in front of your not awake friend/her son? Kinky slut! But you don’t want her to stop. She figured you wouldn’t mind and you DO NOT. It’s been hard to play the game when you’ve been thinking about her stretching her tight little ass with your cock. The tension is intense. You could get caught at any moment, but that doesn’t stop either of you from fucking. That perfect huge ass of hers is yours. Can you fuck her as hard as you want without getting caught?

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LittleMissElle – Mean Mommy Punishment Fuck

Oh you’re finally home? Come in here, we need to talk. I was gathering laundry today, when much to my surprise I found a box with MY panties and MY nudes under YOUR bed??? Do you have some kind of weird sexual fascination with your mother?? That’s disgusting I’m your mom. So what, do you like mommy’s boobies? Do you? What about mommy’s perfect ass? Gross look at you, you’re getting hard aren’t you? I think we need to get this out of your system. If mommy gets undressed and you get to see it all right in front you maybe you’ll get over this whole gross obsession you have. Nope, you’re not leaving, I don’t care if you’re embarrassed you started this. So this? This is what you like? Your MOM’s body??? You’re so fucking perverted. Look at you, you’re even more excited now. I think we need to go all the way with this. If you want to fuck mommy so bad then mommy’s going to fuck you. And you’re not going to cum until she says so. I don’t care how embarrassing it is now, this is what you wanted so this is what we’re doing. And you’re going to take my beratement while I fuck you and you cum in mommy’s pussy when I tell you to you disgusting pervert.

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